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Trekcore has so many screencaps from all five series (not that I care about Voyager or Enterprise, haha), I don't know how I'll resist the urge to make icon after icon after icon OH GOD I NEED MORE ICON SLOTS;;;;

I also need to start watching things like Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who instead of Star Trek, I know, I know. :( But it's so addictive and I am determined to watch every episode. >:O ...of TNG and DS9, anyway. And I'll catch the occasionally TOS episode now and then. Voyager and Enterprise can rot.

Oh oh oh, and Dad is planning to get the DVDs of...I think the third season of Babylon 5, whichever one had the Shadow War. Because it's been so long since we watched it.

I am doomed to a forceful reunion with my inner geek. :(

However, tonight I do need to sit down and either get my orders placed for the rest of my cosplay clothes or make concrete plans to go out and acquire them. It won't be a perfect cosplay--the sandals aren't perfect, my glasses frames aren't perfect...but it's my first time cosplaying and at least I'll be able to work on improving it for next year.

Also need to acquire Amtrak tickets and plan out how exactly I'm getting there.

For now, though, more Star Trek.
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