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re: "His Way":

Seriously, did they forget which couple they were writing for? Hint: it was the angsty fucked-up one with a world of devotion between them but many things that made it difficult for them to work out. Not the cute married one or the quirky, intense, kind of sexy alien one.

That just wasn't right. I also hate the idea that Odo had to change in order to win Kira's love. Although at least they got it right that he would never have initiated anything with her.

Frankly, I would have been happy even if they'd never hooked up, so long as it hadn't happened like this.

Oh well. At least they can still get it right in the episode that follows.

"The Kai would say that you lack faith."
"And would you agree?"
"I just don't know how people make it through the day without it."
"We manage. Besides, I do have faith in some things."
"Hmmm...such as?"

So it's a mixed bag.

Blah. I'll make some Star Trek icons soon. I have a cute idea for one with Data and Lore, and I need to dig up good screencaps of Odo, too.
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