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blargh meme

Uhhh. If I'd taken my pills again I'd be asleep by now, but I'm going to try to avoid them until I can get a lower dose. :/ Unless I'm really struggling.

Anyway, dragonsquee is doing this amusing meme. Give me something entertaining to write a top five list for. Not "your top five favorite anime characters" or "your top five favorite Kakashi moments," but "Five Novel Ways For Kunoichi To Use Ropes" or, to give examples of requests made of dragonsquee when she did this meme: "Five Unseemly Incidents The Second Division's Captain Has Provoked Involving Innocent Stray Cats" (mine, of course) or "Five Things Athrun Zala Really Thinks About When Staring At The Sea. (Or Sky. Or Insert Emo Object Here.)"

Now, even though it's totally not mine to do, I'm going to do a joke version of that last one.

1. Will Cagalli let me top tonight?
2. Will Cagalli ever bottom for me?
3. Will I ever be able to convince Kira to top me?
4. Is Yzak's penis really as tiny as he acts like it is?
5. Would a foursome really be as fun as Lacus says it would be?

There, that's it.

Meanwhile: happy birthday, nimriye! Since I seem to be on some kind of roll fic-wise, if you ask me for birthday ficness I will attempt to give you something in the next few days, although it probably won't be very long. :<

I will also work on the horrifying SasuSaku angst. Then the next chapter of "Spiral Out." And then I will consider where to go from there.
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