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Finished rereading and catching up on D.Gray-man. Let me tell you, the scan quality has been pretty shitty throughout, and the translation goes through some real rough patches. It doesn't help that Hoshino isn't that great at writing readable fight scenes. Or at maintaining continuity outside of them, for that matter. I'm still trying to figure out when exactly the Allen/Rinali flashback in 69th night happened, WTF.

This time around I really noticed Rinali's driving need to protect people--which is interesting because the protector role is usually assigned to male characters. I am loving her. Is it just me and the bad scanlations, or are they dropping hints that the Dark Boots may be the Heart of Innocence? That could be cool, if it's done right.

Am also digging on Allen's tortured soul and urge for martyrdom. He needs to start fighting to protect his precious people (blah blah theme of every Jump manga ever apparently) instead of to save the world, or he'll die. I'm honestly not sure whether Hoshino will kill him at the end or not. I've always cracked jokes about him being a Christ figure, but lately, what with his declaration of love for all humans and akuma it's become even more obvious. I'd rather he and Rinali live happily ever after, though. D:

My real question, though--is Hoshino winding this thing up? The other manga I follow (well...really only Bleach and Naruto) are huge, and I'd assumed D.Gray-man would be the same way, but it's starting to look like she's aiming for a finish soon. Does anyone have more information on that?

Anyway. At this point, I'm too exhausted to do anything productive, so I'll go hunt for some more Allen/Rinali art on the Japanweb. It's got to be out there. When I'm sane again (you know, if I ever am), I'll try to work on fic stuff. The ByakuRuki idea is sort of turning into ByakuRukiRen. But with ByakuRuki sex. Maybe I will have to give in and admit that I am shamefully compelled to write Kuchikicest.

Edit: Oh yeah. Happy birthday, feralknights! If you read fic I'd offer to write some for you, but since I don't know if you do, I'll settle for making rape eyes at you. 8)

If you want, though, since I'm replaying SO3, I'll bump up one of my Clair/Nel ideas to top priority (whatever that means) and try to do it for a September theme at 31_days.
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