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Kind of bleah today--and for the past few days, leading to my general lack of a) posting and b) fanfic or icons. Found myself disappointed even by House--I wish I'd been in a better mood to watch it.

Hopefully, getting a decent night of sleep tonight will make me feel somewhat better tomorrow, and I'll be able to work on fic--I think my next goal will be to get that ByakuRuki smut fic done. Uh, and icons. People will probably have to remind me of other things I need to do. But not now--now I sleep.

First, however, the one thing I could get myself to do today (well, and this morning last night) was go hunting for Ouran fanart. I discovered a few things:

1) The Japanese love uke Tamaki.
2) The Japanese really love their twincest.
3) There needs to be more Haruhi.
4) There is, at least, more Kyouya/Haruhi on the Japanweb than there is here. But still not much.
5) There isn't all that much Ouran art, period--at least not yet.

However, I have pulled a few of the best (although some of them are only halfway decent) and will slap them up here to share.

The Best
Mizutama@DotNet -- Adorable pixel sprites/material, some of them cutely animated.

Poppo -- Kyouya/Haruhi, Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya/Tamaki, general cuteness, really nice art. A little naughty at times. But it's really pretty and there's even lineart of Renge!

Pastorally -- Mostly gen with a lot of Tamaki (and some Kyouya/Tamaki). Kind of hard to navigate, but the pretty pretty art makes up for it.

So Bad -- Lots of sexy half-naked Ouran boys! What more can you ask for? It's not technically perfect, but it's close enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. Mostly Kyouya/Tamaki and gen, with tolerable hints of Mori/Honey.

Rakugaki -- Mostly gen, with some very pretty Kyouya/Tamaki in there as well, and the occasional Haruhi pairing. Kind of hard to navigate, so here's the main Ouran gallery if it helps.

Kankiri-gaho -- Mostly really pretty Kyouya art with some interesting new viewpoints, although it's easy to get lost among the Gintama art there as well.

The Rest
Jellybean -- Cute pixel sprites/material. You know I am a sucker for pixel art. Anyway, it also has material for a bunch of other fandoms, but Ouran is one of its big ones.

Bunny Girl -- A lot of sketchy but cute art. Scattered pairings include Kyouya/Tamaki, general twin stuff, and a bit of Tamaki/Haruhi.

Azure Blue -- Mostly a Prince of Tennis site with a scattering of other fandoms (including some cute SEED stuff and even a couple of nice Fllay pictures if you dig enough), but there's also some cutesy Ouran (mostly) gen there as well if you look hard enough.

Ice Ico -- Really only on here because it's the only place I've found any amount of even halfway decent Nekozawa fanart, although there's a bit of other cuteness there as well.

Otachan -- Mostly the style here is too soft and undefined for my taste, but there is some prettiness, and the occasional nice image of Kyouya, Tamaki, or the two of them together.

And a big FUCK YOU to Livejournal for making me redo most of this post just as my sleeping pills were kicking in! Thanks, autosave draft :) :) :) :D :D :D !!!!

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