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Anyway, I enjoyed tonight's episode, except for the fiddly details--I think they went over the line by having House perform brain surgery. Yeah, I know, they always mess with facts and I'm willing to accept it, but this was just ridiculous.

However, I am rather smug because I managed to call the Disorder Of The Week before House did. Chimerism is awesome.

Also, for the first time I really started to feel House/Cuddy. I'm still turned off by the asshole elitist fans who feel the need to loudly proclaim how much better their pairing is than the horror that is House/Cameron, though. For fuck's sake, the House/Cameron fandom may be annoying, but some people enjoy shipping dysfunctional relationships with age gaps. It doesn't mean that they're oppressing you or that they've "boarded the wrong ship."

II. Watched three episodes of DS9 and three episodes of B5 tonight. Since my father's home this week, we plan to marathon it and finish Season 3 before he leaves for Atlanta on Monday. could be worse. Before I woke up and came downstairs this morning (yes, I woke up in the morning, omg), my father watched four hours of Nazi documentaries. That's pretty bad.

III. I did not, however, get any fic done today. Tomorrow I will see about working on siblingfic for the sixteenth and AizenHina for the eighteenth, but I also need to do stuff for 30_kisses and the next chapter of "Spiral Out." And, you know, study for a driver's test so I can start learning to drive so I can get a job. Yeah, all that.

I may do a poll asking what non-31_days fic I should work on next. Maybe. Meanwhile, I have all of 125 words written on the creepy wrong ByakuRuki fic. Hooray.

IV. I've been meaning to mention this: I've discovered that when my friends meta at me about a pairing that I'm kind of squicked by or not particularly interested in, I'm more likely to wind up writing for it and eventually shipping it. autophanous did this to me over time with Aizen/Hinamori and, just a little bit, with Ravi/Rinali (she got me to write one fic, okay. Allen/Rinali still owns me); nimriye got me going with the Byakuya/Rukia ficbunny not long ago, and I've warmed up to the pairing itself gradually after meta by other friends.

This seems to make me rather alone in fandom, though. The impression I get about most people is that meta-ing at them about a pairing they don't ship/they're not interested in/they find disturbing tends to make them go "ewww, you suck."

So I guess I thought I'd let my friendslist know that I, on the other hand, absorb meta about pairings I'm ambivalent about and tend to have a more positive opinion of the pairing afterwards.

Just don't give me any ficbunnies right now, for the love of fuzzy kittens.

Edit: V. Watching early DS9 while stoned on sleeping pills is a mildly interesting experience. I'd like to try it someday with booze and TNG, and then, when I feel I'm truly ready for the big game, pot and TOS.
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