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Uh, well, this is a bit late

But I finally finished this meme. Yeah, I know, it took me a while. I spent some time completely putting it off. But now it is finished.

As usual with my icon-making memes (okay, so I've only done one of them so far, and this is a new rule, but it's going to be the usual), if you'd like me to share the icon I made for you with others who might want to use it, let me know. Otherwise, I will assume it is to be for you alone.

Icons for a_white_rain, plasticchimera, farli, heron_advocate, joiedecombat, icaro, lena_yume, keelie, dragonsquee, infinitepryde, muffytaj, random_prophet, and kumagoro_usagi here.

Requested by: a_white_rain
Quote: "People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy."
Interest: dearka/miriallia
Notes: Because there aren't enough Dearka/Miriallia icons.

Requested by: plasticchimera
Quote: "Never try to outstubborn a cat."
Interest: books
Notes: This one was kind of tough. I wanted to do something other than the obvious interest of "cats," so I chose "books" and used this image of a kitten taken in by wishdragon sitting on her comic books.

Requested by: farli
Song: Missy Higgins, "Dancing Dirt into the Snow"
Interest: kairi
Notes: Text is "you turn on broken worlds." I thought of it as something a worried Kairi might say, hoping it would reach Sora and Riku.

Requested by: heron_advocate
Quote: "Better to die on your feet than live on your knees!"
Interest: hyuuga hinata
Notes: ...I don't know, it sure seemed like a good Hinata quote to me.

Requested by: joiedecombat
Song: The Jayhawks, "Smile"
Interest: squall/rinoa
Notes: Text is "take up your staff and shining armor." It made me think of Squall and Rinoa at the dance, two stupid teenage kids totally unaware that they were about to be plunged into a Battle For The Fate Of Reality.

Requested by: icaro
Song: E Nomine, "Wolfen (Das Tier en Mir)"
Interest: wolves
Notes: Text is "silva in lumine / lunae arcana est." I like Latin better than German on icons.

Requested by: lena_yume
Quote: "First, you must decide. Then you must follow through. I believe that's the only way you can get anything accomplished."
Interest: uryu ishida
Notes: I didn't do very well on this one. D: I couldn't fit the whole quote in very well (except in the tiny text), and I didn't want to go with animation to get it all in, so I only used part of it.

Requested by: keelie
Quote: "Because the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair"
Interest: anya
Notes: I made a Buffy icon for you last time, too. Next time I do an icon meme and you sign up for it, I'll try to do Something Completely Different. But I make no promises.

Requested by: dragonsquee
Poem: "if everything happens that can't be done," by e.e. cummings
Interest: athrun/cagalli
Notes: Text is "Forever was never till now." This was actually one of the first icons I did for this meme, because in the middle of starting on it, I saw this new official art and I had to use it on an icon. I'm waiting for a cleaned-up version to icon the Cagalli-in-Athrun's-jacket image, though. At least for now. My patience may break later.

Requested by: infinitepryde
Quote: "Do I want to know what use you could put a freshly dead body to?"
Interest: pete wisdom
Notes: I, uh. Hope I didn't pick a particularly inappropriate image of Pete. I know very little about the actual comic, so!

Requested by: muffytaj
Quote: "I can't wait for you to shut me up"
Interest: sasusaku
Notes: I don't really like this one. But I don't know, maybe you will. I like the Sakura part, at least!

Requested by: random_prophet
Quote: "Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh!"
Interest: aizenbear
Notes: Okay, this was pretty predictable. But I still think it's funny.

Requested by: kumagoro_usagi
Quote: "Nobody knows who you are until you do."
Interest: anime/manga
Notes: This one was tough because you have so few interests. :) But eventually I sort of cheated and settled on this.

I got kind of impatient with some of those, but others I kind of like.

With that out of the way, I was going to do a big post explaining what fonts I use, but then I started looking at my icons and realized I would not know where to start. So if there's a font you see in one of my icons that you want, ask me for it and I will give. If there's an effect you want to learn, ask me and I will tell. Hell, if you want me to make a tutorial, ask and I will make, although given that my icons aren't all that good, I doubt this is going to be a popular option.

Man, I am lame to be using the "accomplished" mood for finishing an icon meme. /)_(\
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