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too much babylon 5.

I. Long time no post--at least for me. Why? I guess I just haven't been doing very much that's worthy of reporting.

II. I did, however, write this Komui and Rinali fic for 31_days. I am not all that pleased with the fic itself--it could have been so much better if I hadn't started writing it with only a few hours to spare, while I was still somewhat drunk--but at least there is now one more Li siblings fanfiction out there in this intarweb.

III. Mostly, though, I've been watching Babylon 5. Lots and lots of Babylon 5. What will I do when I've finished watching seasons 2-4 with my father? (We're almost finished with season 3.) Well, other than get my heart broken again by Marcus and Ivanova. I suppose I'll look up that place where I heard you can watch low-quality versions of season 1 episodes online...I probably won't bother with season 5, what with Claudia Christian being gone and pretty much everything being wrapped up anyway.

But anyway, my question is: does anyone know where I can find B5 screencaps? If I can't find the ones I want (mostly of Marcus, because I need icons of him inflicting violence or having violence inflicted upon him. It is required), I may have to stick the DVDs into my father's computer (or, if I really want to tempt fate, mine) and wrestle the computer-devil until I can pull screencaps off them myself. If that's the case, well...I'll take requests if anyone wants to make them.

I'll let you know.

IV. No, brain, no. I do not write B5 fic. I will not write "Five Times Susan Ivanova Thought She Could Love Again" even if I already have ideas for three of the entries on the list, because it would be stupidly maudlin and I do not write B5 fic.

Even if #2 would have lesbian sex.

V. I had a ridiculous dream last night where my family and I were living in an apartment in NYC and we were each paying $80 a week (so $320 a week in all) for rent, until I got this powerful mystic ring and people started blowing up the building in an attempt to get to the ring and take it from me. Then the landlord upped my personal rent to a billion dollars a week.

VI. So, question.

I have an idea for a fic prompt community: every two weeks, I'd pull ten phrases from an issue of New Scientist and slap them up on the community. Then people would have the next two weeks to post fics (and three weeks to write them, as the themes would be announced a week in advance) using any of those themes.

I think it's a solid idea, but I'm not sure how I'd go about promoting the community. It could be really tough. I asked team7 if she has any tips.

VII. Speaking of which--the reason I was emailing team7 in the first place is I was asking for another month at 31_days. And holy crap, they're filled up through 2007 already. So I took one in 2008, but damn. That's insane.
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