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hello it's writing meme time

Nabbed from goldberry.

1) Keyboard or biro?
I type so often and so fast (on tests I tend to clock in around 120 wpm on average, and my high is more like 140 or 150 wpm) that I've gotten too used to it. I'd get frustrated trying to write longhand now, and I only ever do it if I'm taking brief, list-format notes, or if I'm stranded somewhere without a computer and desperate.

2) Beta or no beta?
I've never seemed to need a beta. Hell, I didn't even hear of their existence until fairly late in my ficcing "career." I feel kind of bad about it, but I'm so used to going unbetaed now that I'm not sure I should try to change.

3) Title?
About half the time I either have it before I start or by the time I'm halfway through. The other half of the time I'll wind up finishing and then I'll stare at it for a while before coming up with a lame title.

I am entirely too fond of using song names or quotes for titles. Fortunately, I don't actually get the chance to do it all that often. "Horizons Burning" and "Three Weeks, She Sleeps" are the big examples. "Forest for the Trees" was initially conceived simply for the old idiom of "missing the forest for the trees," since that's what Kakashi's doing throughout the fic, but I liked it when I discovered it was a line in a song that fit the fic rather well.

When I can't use song titles, some of my better titles often reference a metaphor or an image used in or throughout the fic, ideally in a way that carries multiple meanings: "Knife Edge," "Last Rites," "Garden Inside," "House of War," "Rules Drawn in Red," "Demons at the Edge of God."

My favorite title, though, is "...For I Have Sinned," because it manages to strongly imply the issues of Fllay's Electra complex and her incomplete redemption without stating them outright--the "bless me, father"--is implicit in the ellipsis (and even without it, since strips it, bah).

4) Smushy or smutty?
What the hell is "smushy"?

Okay, okay, I get the point. I guess that even though I prefer smut (to an extent), I find it easier to actually write fluff/"smush". It's been a long time since I've really written smut. Racy stuff, but nothing truly explicit.

5) Summary?
When posting on LJ, I just quote the first line. Which is bad, I know, but I've gotten into the habit and I'm too lazy to change it. When posting on, I just come up with whatever. It is not one of my strong points.

6) Funniest fic?
Uh...I'm not so good at the funny. Maybe "Terrible Pink Monster," because Orihime orgy = A+++.

7) Most popular fic?
Probably "Three Weeks, She Sleeps," which gets recced everywhere in fandom, except by SasuNaru fans bitter that Sasuke takes it up the ass in this one, or that Sakura isn't either a bitch or fobbed off on Lee.

"Lady Uchiha" is also pretty popular, but it just can't compare. "Knife Edge" is pretty big for what it is, but what it is remains just a ficlet, little more than a drabble, so it doesn't really do it.

The funny thing is, "Three Weeks, She Sleeps" is the only NaruSasu fic I've ever written, as much as I like the pairing.

8) Most fun to write?
Weirdly, I recall finding "Horizons Burning" really interesting to write despite the profoundly depressing subject matter. "Three Weeks, She Sleeps" was also very engaging, and I kind of enjoyed being so flowery in "Rules Drawn in Red" (although I'm not sure I could do it again). "...For I Have Sinned" was also cool, because Fllay is so fun to write. Oh, and "Replacements" was awesome because it's the only time I've had a chance to write Adam, and I love him so.

Still, if I had to choose just one, it'd be either "Horizons Burning" or "Do There Embrace." The latter was so cathartic. Take that, fandom.

9) Best and Worst?
Worst? Uhhhh. Generally, when I really, really dislike a story, I don't actually finish it. And there are few things I write that I don't like at least a little (my ego, she is explosively huge). But "Four Funerals" is definitely down pretty low. I barely put any thought into it--just tossed together whatever I could come up with about Kakashi angsting. "Red and White" is also pretty bad.

As for best, in this case, I think popularity does speak volumes--"Three Weeks, She Sleeps" is one of my best, if not my best. Ditto "Lady Uchiha."

10) Coulda Been Contenders?
I'm very fond of the characterization, imagery, and overall structure of "Horizons Burning," but it's for a lesser fandom (Final Fantasy VIII) and its almost nihilistic ending is unbearably, hopelessly depressing. When I get around to finishing the damned thing, "Spiral Out" might be something, but I'm not sure how well I've carried the characterization and themes. "Rematch" is also pretty good, but it's explicit and all, so it can't go on, and yuri isn't as popular in Naruto. "Forest for the Trees" has a devoted following in KakaRin fandom, but that fandom is pretty small. Also, since it was my first chapterfic, it's pretty uneven in places.

11) Strengths?
Dialogue. Sometimes characterization.

The former comes from time spent RPing, where dialogue is frequently the most important part of a scene, and the latter comes from my incessant need to push myself into characters' heads.

12) Weaknesses?
Pacing, plotting, inability to follow through...I can't seem to write anything of a decent length. I also haven't been descriptive enough lately, I think.

13) Dirty little secrets?
I would say "A Fine and Private Place," my Auron/OC fic, but that's not exactly a secret, since I haven't taken it down from :( Uh. I...started writing an IchiRuki fic once that heavily referenced the "Ichigo is Kaien" theory. Fortunately I snapped out of it before finishing the fic, and now it sits unfinished, waiting for me to tear into it to rework the whole damn thing.

Now I believe it is time to restart this computer so I can open Photoshop and do some last-minute iconing. Maybe I'll even make the banner for bleach_yurithon so I can start on that.

But first, I must start catching up on this week's Daily Shows and Colbert Reports with my father.
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