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I got my camera working! Thank goodness, as I had some nice pictures on it. To celebrate its return, not only will I share those pictures, but also some others. And, of course, some cat pictures. Because I can never force too many cat pictures on my flist.


To start this picturepost off on a note of DOOM, here's a birdseye view of the horrible mess in one corner of my room. You can see most of my filthy giant stuffed panda towards the top.

Then we have the pin I bought yesterday. The text on the cardboard is (small) It Was Wrong To Be Bad, BUT-- (big) SHE COULDN'T (bigger) BE GOOD! The text on the lower charm is "Don't play with me!"

Now for a couple SEED images. This is the one of the row of chibis that currently sit in front of my computer. They're a bit hard to make out in this image, so until I've gotten my better pictures developed, they are, from left to right: Klueze, Yzak, Fllay, Mwu, Murrue, Athrun, Kira, and Cagalli. That last one has a gun and is being menaced by a crab. ♥

The next one includes my bigger SEED figures--a miniature Strike model, a Lacus figure, and the Cagalli Voice I-Doll. I find it amusing that Cagalli is so much bigger than the Strike. Also note that the New Scientist I stood them on features a cover article on global warming. Obviously Lacus and Cagalli's overwhelming hotness is responsible.


The best part of this post, of course. Here's one of Othello (aka "that impossible-to-photograph black blob") peeking down from between the railings of my loft bed.

Christopher sulking about how I bothered him with a camera.

At this point, while I was fiddling with the camera, Othello climbed onto the bed to start bothering Christopher. Naturally, Christopher subdued him and started giving him A Licking.

Then they were peaceful. For a little while.

My Sasuke plush brings all the kittons (...and one of my fingers on the lens, apparently) to the bed.

Uchiha Sasuke: kitton pimp.

And that's it for now.
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