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I. Last chance to vote on the delightfully pointless Round Two of Last Character Standing (NARUTO EDITION). Kurenai vs. Rin and Sandaime vs. Orochimaru are still tied, and Obito vs. Gaara and Tsunade vs. Gai are just one point apart.

II. There are still eight prompts left for my fic prompt meme. At this point I'm going to open it up for second requests, if anyone who's already gotten one wants another.

III. I have nothing useful to say in this post, except that Photoshop makes me cry. I'm not sure if I'll finish all the icons I want to do for this week, because for some reason, my meager graphics skills are on vacation.

IV. The theme at fst this month is "villains and antiheroes." DO I HEAR AN AIZEN FST? pls.

V. I am so slacking on "Spiral Out." My readers are going to shred me when I update after all these months and they find out that the next chapter is a short one. *doomed* But I really need to finish it so that I on other dumb multichaptered fics. :X And, uh, RL in there somewhere. Further angst deleted because this is a public entry and I no longer trust the internets, especially the LJnets, with information about how pathetic I am.
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