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I continue to be vaguely useless tonight. Er...this morning. Unfortunately, if I went to sleep now I wouldn't wake up until five in the afternoon or something, so...gotta stay up, take a nap on the couch, and then go to sleep at a more decent hour. Fortunately, I have a lot of DS9 to keep me awake. Hooray.

I'd work on icons instead, but my graphical productivity has deserted me. I have basic ideas for the icons, but I sit down at Photoshop with the images, stare at them for a bit, think about how there seem to be so many better icon-makers entering the icontests, and stomp out of Photoshop in frustration.

Fic is even more out of the question because oh god I am so lazy.

Instead, well, I've been playing with my cellphone's camera feature a lot lately, so you can have a bunch of blurry pictures of my plushies and figurines in compromising positions.

Is this bestiality? Or just random plush sex? Who knows, but Sasuke is clearly enjoying being molested.

Athrun clings to the looming Cagalli in terror, unwilling to admit his ukedom.

In contrast, Kira is serenely happy to be totally topped by giant Lacus.

You can't really see it in the picture, but that Orihime is in the exact same pose and outfit as in this image. So not only are she and Rukia totally about to get it on, but they're going to do it with bondage.

And Sasuke only has an upper body here, because he's a stamp, but Sakura will still find a way to molest him.

And, of course, no trip to the camera is complete without a bunch of pointless but painfully cute kitty pictures.

Yes, they are fighting in this one. Othello always starts the fights, and he also always loses. He's the uke. Totally.

Here they glare down from my loft bed at the human who dares interrupt them.

They investigate a plush stranger in their midst.

Christopher sits idly by while Sasuke is being molested behind him. But he's probably just waiting for his turn.

And that is it for tonight, because I have nothing more worthwhile to do.
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