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IchiRuki Poll Time!

So, I've decided to take another shot at doing the contest on ichi_ruki. I have three basic ideas:

A. Ichigo and Rukia are hit by a plot device bankai from an Arrancar/high-level demon arts curse from Aizen that renders them unable to call any one place home without bringing destruction down upon it. They are forced to go on the run for the next few decades while Rukia struggles to keep in contact with SS and Urahara in the hopes of them finding a way to dispel the curse. The story is mostly a creepy, atmospheric deal about how this affects their emotional lives, how they wind up cutting off all ties but each other.

B. Ichigo and Rukia are...IN SPACE. This one's a full AU, courtesy of a long-belated birthday request from bravecows. It involves Rukia as a mysterious noble of an alien race with bunny ears who winds up on the same spaceship as Ichigo, who has Issues over not having been able to save his mother from space pirates, and they wind up revealing each other's secret destinies. While having sex in the engine room.

C. Ichigo and Rukia are...actually, it starts off with just Ichigo spending twenty years trying to repress his issues with his inner demon, growing distant from all his friends, marrying some random girl who reminds him of a combination of Orihime, his mother, and Rukia, then breaking down when she dies. Rukia shows up to heal him of a mysterious spiritual disease, smack some sense into him, and have sex with him.

Poll #842902 IchiRuki Contest Ideas GO

Which idea should I write for the Fall Contest at ichi_ruki?

A (Ichigo and Rukia on the run)
B (Ichigo and Rukia ... IN SPACE)
C (Rukia heals, comforts, and sexx0rz a traumatized future Ichigo)

Not guaranteed that I'll actually get around to writing any of these, but I'll at least give it a go.

And yes, I definitely need a better IchiRuki icon.
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