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Pointless memeage

I am so bored, and at the same time so desirous of putting off more useful things such as fic-writing, driver's-manual-reading, and even icon-making, that I have resorted to my SO3 replay in between checking up on a scene I'm supposed to be paying attention to.

So to give me something else to do, here's a meme I swiped from heron_advocate:

Give me two characters from any fandom (that I know), and then ask me any or all of the following:
- Who tops who?
- Preferred character?
- Easier to write?
- Bad cop, good cop? (If they were to interrogate someone, who would play which role?)
- Who would win in a fight?

If I get really bored, maybe I'll poll my flist on their preferences in Naruto and Bleach pairings, not that I don't already more or less know.

Maybe I will eventually sit down and work on my IchiRuki fic. Or on stuff for gs_exchange, since I should set that up soon. Or icons. Whatever.
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