ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

i lose again.

I tried to resist for over a week, but today Dad and I watched a bunch of B5 episodes, concluding with "Endgame," and I finally caved and took Marcus on ineffablegame.

Only to find that there are little tidbits and details of his background given in the novels that I don't have, and I'm not going to go get the novel in question just for this (although I would in a heartbeat if it were all about Marcus. But it's not--it mostly focuses on Sinclair). And hell, there might even be info from the comics that I've missed.

Does anyone know of sites collecting more detailed information on the characters? Even the Lurker's Guide doesn't have what I need.

...also, I really need Marcus icons.

In the meanwhile, though, in between poses on ineffablegame I'll get around to sending out the bleach_yurithon assignments.
Tags: babylon 5, ineffable game

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