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It's been a while since I did one of these posts. Mostly because, since I get most of my new music from my friendslist, there's not much point to reposting it here. But I figured it was time; I've got enough new stuff here.

Disclaimer: I have terrible taste in music. Download at your own risk.

Every Thug Needs a Lady [Alkaline Trio]
You know it starts here,
Outside waiting in the cold.
Kiss me once in the snow--
I swear it never gets old,
And I will promise you I can make it warmer next year.

I have no excuse for this, except I had an Alkaline Trio song sitting in my music folder for some reason, and I listened to it, and I really liked it. I suspect this is technically supposed to be Bad Music and I am shamed for liking it, but whatever. It's punk rock, and most of their songs have rather morbid lyrics, but the music is so upbeat that I can't help but like it.

This particular song, however, does not have morbid lyrics. It is in fact the punk rock version of a cheesy love song. That's why I like it. You could apply it to Squall/Rinoa or Kira/Lacus or any other t00by pairing with a sappy ending.

Wonderland [Angie Aparo]
I stand in the night with a silver sword,
Killing her demons, beating them off her door.
Sleep, baby, don't you cry.
Daddy's got a worn out lullaby.

I know I pulled this one off my friendslist a while back, but I don't remember from whom. Anyway, it's this really pretty father-daughter song with a sort of mystic feel to it. ♥ A little slow at first, but definitely worth it.

With So Little to Be Sure Of [Anyone Can Whistle]
Crazy business this, this life we live in,
Can't complain about the time we're given.
With so little to be sure of in this world,
We had a moment!

Yeah, it's Sondheim, and from one of his more obscure shows, too. But it's such a great song. It's so sweet and pretty and touching and awww. T_T I will love this song forevers. You should too.

I Don't Care Much [Emilie Autumn]
Hearts grow hard
On a windy street.
Lips grow cold
With the rent to meet.
So if you kiss me,
If we touch,
Warning's fair:
I don't care very much.

"I Don't Care Much" is my favorite obscure optional Cabaret song. I don't know why; there's just something so desolate and creepy about it. So imagine my glee at hearing that Emilie Autumn had done a cover of it. *_* It's a good cover, too--her voice is just perfect for this kind of song.

Close Your Eyes [Jump, Little Children]
Tell me you had bad dreams last night,
'Cause you were rolling in your sleep.
Tell me you hate those bright streetlights;
Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps.

I like Jump, Little Children. They do pop that actually sounds quirky and cool instead of the typical rehashed stuff. This song in particular strikes me as kind of dreamy and kind of sweet.

Darkness [Lamb]
And I'm beyond recognition,
Gone to some small space in silent stillness,
Yet something beats anew.

This is a weird, intriguing little song. Worth a listen for the sheer strangeness and occasional prettiness.

Earth, Sun, Moon [Love and Rockets]
But we can shine all over you,
And we will shine
To get through to you.

This song is happy in this sort of low-key, shining way. I don't know. Maybe it's just that it's totally a Team 7 song to me.

Runaway [Lush]
Hello, hello, are you still there?
You don't answer me 'cause you just don't care.
Act so young but you look so old,
And you're too far gone to find your own way home.

This song is just plain hot. Kind of a neat, sexy thing.

Invincible [OK Go]
When they finally come to destroy the earth,
They'll have to deal with you first, and now
My money says they won't know about the
Thousand Fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes.

This song is not only hot, but totally badass. Lots of cool noise. Also, it is yet another Team 7 song. ♥

Spectacular Views [Rilo Kiley]
There are no bad words for the coast today.
When we hold our breath until nothing's left,
It all starts to fade.

This is a song that I gathered a while back from an FST. It's kind of offbeat and rather pretty.

Polaroid [Spirit of the West]
Sometimes you get afraid of your life
'Cause you can't protect it.
We leave ourselves exposed through trusting
In a world where little things go missing.

I've always kind of loved this song. It's so unsettling and unnerving and creepy and soulful. And it's got a strange, lovely sound to it, too.

Haunted [The Pogues]
You got a way of walking,
You got a way of talking,
And there's something about you,
And now I know I never ever
Want to be without you.

Well, for one, I love the Pogues. They are all the awesome of good folk music, good rock music, and the craziness of the Irish rolled into one.

For another, this song is really sweet and pretty in a quiet way. It's also a totally Isshin/Masaki song, just so you know.

Enough to Go By [Vienna Teng]
It was years ago, God knows,
When you strained to tell me your whole truth,
That you were not mine to save,
That you could not change.

And the obligatory Vienna Teng song. This is the latest one that I'm really into; it sort of makes me think of an AU SasuSaku thing. And it's really really pretty.

Unlimited Blade Works [WAVE]
This is best known as Archer's theme music from Fate/Stay night. However, it also happens to be really damn hot techno with a nice beat and a really cool feel to it.

And that is it for now. I will now focus on, uh, more pointless music stuff, namely another lyrics meme, because it's been a while since my last one.

ADDITIONAL MUSICAL MEMEAGE: Give me a number between 1 and 1,325. I will upload that song on my playlist for you.
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