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The Ultimate Lyrics Meme of Ultimate Destiny

Because it's been a while (specifically, four months) since I did the last one.

You know the drill: comment with song name and group if you recognize lyrics. No cheating with Google.

1) Twenty-six years and seems like I've just begun
To understand my, my intimate is no one.
When the director sold the show, who bought its last rites?
They cut the cast, the music, and the lights.

2) Someday these walls will speak,
The floor beneath you creak,
To call my name.

3) That kind of girl, yes, she's never alone.
You leave a thousand messages on her phone,
But you know you never get through.

4) You know the way that things go
When what you fight for starts to fall,
And in that fuzzy picture,
The writing stands out on the wall...
Peter Gabriel, "Signal to Noise." Guessed by joiedecombat.

5) The mist of the morning in this strange town
Lifted slowly with the sun,
Refracted the rays in a thousand ways,
A new day just begun.

6) Love of two is one,
Here but now they're gone.
Came the last night of sadness,
And it was clear she couldn't go on.
Blue Oyster Cult, "Don't Fear the Reaper." Guessed by lilairen.

7) Leave the shadows dancing,
Dancing on their own.
Let the moment free you now,
And leave it all behind you.
October Project, "Take Me As I Am." Guessed by bunnynumber13.

8) There's a void in your mind that you cling to.
You feel lost in time--you've got no words to rhyme,
No more charms, no more spells to protect you.
Queensryche, "No Sanctuary." Guessed by infinitepryde.

9) I'm happy because I'm stupid,
Scared of spiders, scared of flying.
If I wasn't so happy,
I wouldn't be so scared of dying.
Boy Least Likely To, "Be Gentle With Me." Guessed by dragonsquee.

10) From far away I hear my mother crying.
The sky is gray; they say the earth is dying.
I hear her voice, and still I make a choice to stay.
October Project, "Falling Farther In." Guessed by lilairen.

11) If it's part of our lives,
So beautiful and precious,
She knows that she shouldn't be afraid
Of all this...
The Calling, "Somebody Out There." Guessed by infinitepryde.

12) Don't wake me from the dream--
It's really everything it seemed.
Yamane Mai, "Blue." Guessed by joiedecombat.

13) What's the deal? Spin the wheel.
If the dice are hot--take a shot.
Play your cards. Show us what you got,
What you're holding.
Rush, "Roll the Bones." Guessed by joiedecombat.

14) He is not my friend, but he is with me,
And he promises a peace I never knew.
I cannot give in, no, I must refuse him,
But could I really be the one to resist that kiss so true?

15) Summer move forward
And leave your heat anchored in dust.
Forgotten him, cheated him,
Painted illusions of lust.
Vienna Teng, "Drought." Guessed by harktislark.

16) You're the luckiest guy I know.
You got everything a girl would want to hold,
But you just let 'em go,
And they shatter.

17) When you're alive now,
If you're alive now,
You're always ignored.
You sleep on the floor,
You're above me now, above me now.

18) They come in bent-backed,
Creeping 'cross the floor all dressed in black.
Candles, thick as pillars--
You can buy one off the floor.
Spirit of the West, "If Venice Is Sinking." Guessed by des_butterfly.

19) Boy meets girl,
Girl teases boy,
Boy looks for something to destroy.

20) Bury me above the clouds,
All the way from here.
Take away the things I need,
Take away my fear.

21) You run to me and
Don't even know my name.
Desire's slowly becoming
Your great escape.

22) So I threw out my plans,
Ran on to the wheel,
And emptied my head
Of all childish ideals.

23) Golden reunion,
I will always wait for you to be with me.
Secrets in heaven,
I'll complete the mission if you want me to.

24) He heard a song...
It was running through his mind.
It was singing from the past.

25) I feel these engines power down.
I feel this heart begin to bleed
As I turn this burning page.

26) Love one's daughter--allow me that.
And I can't let go of your hand.
Lord, can you hear me now?

27) If there's a light up ahead, well, brother, I don't know,
But I got this fever burnin' in my soul.
So let's take the good times as they go...

28) If we share this nightmare,
We can dream:
Spiritus mundi.

29) In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey.
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit;
Eternal life was her debt to pay.

30) I'm not certain how much time I may have left, so I'll be brief.
I'm sorry if this message only amplifies your grief,
But I couldn't bear the burden of never having said goodbye,
And the pain you feel, I promise you, will go away with time.
Assemblage 23, "30,000 Feet." Guessed by infinitepryde.
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