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well that episode was faaaaabulous.

It was really interesting, actually, because I first watched the episode some months ago as a non-shipper, and I adored it then because it really spoke to my spy fetish, but now? pwn. Even though it's a silly holodeck episode, it totally encapsulates everything that makes Garak/Bashir awesome.

(Note to self: get the right screencaps from "The Wire" to make a Garak/Bashir icon, since Trekcore, for once, does not have them.)

Also, there may be a list of Heterosexual Things One Can Say Upon Waking Up In A Holodeck Recreation Of A 1960s Mansion.

Nowhere on this list is the following comment:

"Another decorator's nightmare. This era has a distinct lack of taste."

I mean, seriously. There is no way that Garak is straight. No way at all.
Tags: deep space 9, garak/bashir, otp, star trek

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