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Kittons: Best ever. Discuss.

So a few days ago, wreeth assaulted me in IM with something called Gakuen Sousei Nekoten (学園創世 猫天). At first I was skeptical. It looked pretty wai wai sparklekitty shoujo to me. I've never read shoujo before. But...there were kitties. Including one Kansuke, the most awesome badass dramatically scarred cat ever. So I read it--what there is of it so far. Only three chapters have been translated.

If you have any love for cats, you should read it too.

To sum it up, Nekoten is a manga about a young girl named Yumi who goes to Matabi Academy, a special school that lets the students raise cats. She brings her cat, Kansuke (who is awesome). Then, in a shocking revelation, she turns out to have magic powers that let her team up with Kansuke and kick evil monster ass. Which is good, because the monsters want to bust a bigger monster, Kaen, out of a 100-year-old seal something, who knows, but I'm sure it will be just as highly original as the rest of the plot. Also, the student council, including the hot gay guy Yumi (and everyone else in the school, including the cats) has a crush on, has powers that let them fight with their cats as well. Can't forget that.

Yes, it's a sparkly shoujo manga and there's probably going to be a really stupid romance. But you know what? It's worth it for Kansuke and the other awesome cats (the highlight of the others so far being Musashimaru, who could swallow my entire friendslist whole without chewing). Also, the crack. You know what Yumi's magical power is? Insta-knitting magical clothes that turn Kansuke into a super-strong catboy who fights evil. Oh yeah, and the one monster who's shown up so far has one of the creepiest designs I've seen in manga. It's like "la la la sparklekitty manga how cute OH GOD WHAT IS THAT THING."

Incidentally, I've actually waffled a bit over what genre to call Nekoten. It seems like shoujo, but it's published in Champion Red, an apparently monthly magazine targeted at boys that tends to have a lot of fanservice and even soft hentai. But so far, aside from one suspiciously pantyshot-angle view of one of the older girls and a magazine cover image of Yumi in a shirt that didn't quite cover her underwear, there's been no fanservice, and there's definitely been shoujo stuff, including roses in the background when she first started crushing on the popular fag. So I'm thinking that if it looks like a shoujo, walks like a shoujo, and quacks like a shoujo, I'll call it a shoujo.

Let's introduce the cast. Or at least, the only cast members who are actually cool enough to warrant an introduction so far.

Hayakawa Yumi

Actually, I lied. Yumi is not really cool enough to warrant an introduction. She's basically a ditz, excessively innocent, and she likes cute things. However, she crossdresses her cat for fun, which goes a long way toward redeeming her. Also, anyone who has a cat as awesome as Kansuke can't be that bad.


Kansuke, on the other hand, is the best reason to read the manga. He is a totally badass, fighty cat who wants nothing more than to protect Yumi. Also, there's already been an image of him in catboy form in a lacy dress.

Akifuji Tsubame

Secretary-general of the student council at Matabi and the only one of them worth mentioning so far. Everyone has a crush on him. Everyone. The cats too. So far, the only interest he's shown in anybody is one teasing comment where he suggests that another guy would look pretty in a dress. This is hardly surprising, however--as you can see, he is clearly AU teenaged Urahara. It makes perfect sense that he'd be gay and totally owned by a cat.


All the student council members have cats of their own. So far, my favorite besides Kansuke is Musashimaru, the vice president's cat. Little-known fact: we actually dropped three nukes on Japan. Musashimaru swallowed the third before it exploded and now uses it to power a city in his belly. (I am confident that this fact will be revealed in the final chapter.)

The only notable facts about the other student council members is that one of them looks like Kyouya and another looks like a cross between Kanda and Soi Fong. And that's hot.

To sum it up, though: there are kitties. They kick ass.

Download it here. Chapter 1 can be found off the downloads page, and the latest chapters (2 and 3) are linked right there on the front page.
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