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The Ultimate Lyrics Meme of Ultimate man you guys suck

So I've given up on getting more guesses on my lyrics meme. Here are the answers.

1) But Home Is Nowhere [AFI]
Absent of grace, marked as infernal,
Ungranted in dead, time left me disowned.
To this nature, so unnatural,
I remain alone.

2) Rose Red [Emilie Autumn]
Rose, Rose, Rose Red,
Will I ever see thee wed?
Only if you discover me.

3) Golden Touch [Razorlight]
I saw my girl with the golden touch
Give them a taste, but not too much.
I just can't listen to the words of fools.
Well, don't give away too much--
Someone'll need your golden touch.

4) Signal to Noise [Peter Gabriel]
Yet there's still there's something in my heart
That can find a way to make a start
To turn up the signal--wipe out the noise!

Guessed by joiedecombat.

5) If Only You Knew [Moxy Fruvous]
I spy a humble homestead there,
With a garden and a river view.
If only you knew
How much I think of you.

6) Don't Fear the Reaper [Oingo Boingo cover]
Seasons don't fear the reaper,
Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain.
We can be like they are.

Guessed by lilairen.

7) Take Me As I Am [October Project]
Take me as I am:
Someone you could know.
Even as we speak
You could change your mind.

Guessed by bunnynumber13.

8) No Sanctuary [Queensrÿche]
Again you cry: give me sanctuary!
Until the end I'll fight and die, to be free.
Oh! No sanctuary.

Guessed by infinitepryde.

9) Be Gentle With Me [Boy Least Likely To]
I'm not as brave as I thought
'Cause my heart gets broken so easily,
So just be gentle, be gentle with me.

Guessed by dragonsquee.

10) Falling Farther In [October Project]
I leave a life behind me; I feel myself begin.
I'm reaching out to keep you falling farther in.
I feel the light inside me; you go beyond my skin.
I'm reaching out to keep you falling farther in.

Guessed by lilairen.

11) Somebody Out There [The Calling]
Well, she's on her knees
And begging please.
She wonders if there's somebody out there
To make things wrong,
To make things right.

Guessed by infinitepryde.

12) Blue [Cowboy Bebop]
Never seen a bluer sky.
Yeah, I can feel it reaching out
And moving closer.
There's something 'bout blue.

Guessed by joiedecombat.

13) Roll the Bones [Rush]
We go out in the world and take our chances.
Fate is just the weight of circumstances.
That's the way that lady luck dances--
Roll the bones.

Guessed by joiedecombat.

14) Thin Man [Suzanne Vega]
He's the Thin Man,
With a date for me
To arrive at some point.
I don't know when it will be.

15) Drought [Vienna Teng]
And the taste of dried-up hopes in my mouth,
And the landscape of merry and desperate drought.
How much longer, dear angels?
Let winterlight come,
And spread your white sheets over my empty house.

16) Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart [Jill Sobule]
Someone's gonna break your heart someday
And that day is coming soon
You can't carry on this way
Someone's gonna break your heart someday.

17) Annihilate Now! [Idlewild]
Annihilate now! Annihilate now!
Annihilate, and now you're late now.

18) If Venice Is Sinking [Spirit of the West]
And if Venice is sinking,
I'm going under,
'Cause beauty's religion,
And it's christened me with wonder.

Guessed by des_butterfly.

19) I'm Like Yeah But She's All No [The Mr. T Experience]
And I'm like yeah, but she's all no,
And I'm all come on baby, let's go,
And she's like I don't think so, and I'm going...

20) Fix Me Now [Garbage]
Fix me now.
I wish you would
Bring me back to life.
Kiss me blind, somebody should,
From hollow into light.

21) I Want to Kill You [Darling Violetta]
I want to kill you
When you least expect it.
I'll bash your brains in
When you least expect it.

22) The Sleep of No Dreaming [Porcupine Tree]
The sleep of no feeling,
The sleep of no dreaming.

23) Somebody Has to Pay [Susie Van Der Meer]
Can't you see me walking miles away
When somebody has to pay?
And you see me walking miles away,
And I'm gonna take your pain with me.

24) Funeral in His Heart [October Project]
The world is falling apart,
He's getting older,
And there's a funeral in his heart.

25) Forsaken [VNV Nation]
Whose life do I lead?
Whose air do I breathe?
Whose blood do I now bleed?
With whose skin now do I feel?

26) Cold Water [Damien Rice]
Cold, cold water surrounds me now,
And all I've got is your hand.
Lord, can you hear me now?

27) Further On (Up the Road) [Bruce Springsteen]
Where the way dark and the night is cold
One sunny mornin' we'll rise I know
And I'll meet you further on up the road.

28) Synchronicity I [The Police]
A sleep trance, a dream dance,
A shared romance,

29) The Lady Wore Black [Queensrÿche]
The lady wore black--
Her mystic power calls to me.
The lady wore black--
Her love can set me free.

30) 30,000 Feet [Assemblage 23]
Hello, if you're there pick up the phone.
I'm calling from 30,000 feet above you.
The captain's just informed us that our plane is going down,
So I'm calling for one last time to say I love you.

Guessed by infinitepryde.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Fran's ass. I mean FFXII.
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