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Uh, yeah. Holidays.

For the record: I finally have settled on an Idea for my bleach_yurithon fic, and I will have to scramble to get it finished in the next week. I lose at life and fandom. I will probably still need someone to hash it out with on IM or something, though, because it is Complicated and I don't really have a very solid plot yet.

However, here is something that I will start doing once I have finished my bleach_yurithon fic (and possibly my Allen/Rinali essay for ship_manifesto as well). It is shamelessly stolen from wreeth, but I do not have awesome art skills (and I will beat wreeth with kofi's useless body if she denies her art skills are awesome), so it is less cool. But hey, maybe someone will get something out of it.

How it works is like this: you comment here with a fic idea you want me to write. Character, pairing, plus prompt or general idea. Alternately, you can pick a pre-conceived idea from here and ask that I write that. I'll let you know in comments if you've requested something that I just plain can't write, but I'll try to avoid that.

Once I have finished my bleach_yurithon fic, I'll shuffle up all your names and randomly pick one. Then I'll write at least one thousand words for the fic requested by that person. When I'm finished, I'll pick another person and write their fic. And so on, until the New Year.

Then I will go back to my usual schedule of procrastinating on all the fics I owe various people while I play video games, make icons, and roleplay. Hooray!

No guarantees are offered as to how many of these fics I will actually finish.
Tags: fanfiction, holidays
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