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Sondheim Pimpitude Post #1

I'm starting a sort of Musical Series here at my Livejournal. Specifically, I'm going to pull out my CDs of Sondheim shows I like (which is most of them), rip the entire album, and upload it to Yousendit (if people prefer a different host, let me know and I'll try that instead). Then I'll be posting it here.

Why? Because I need to Spread The Love.

The first entry in this series of pimpitude will be Anyone Can Whistle. Why? Well, because compared to most Sondheim stuff, it's pretty light. It's cute and quirky and touching, and while it doesn't have the most amazing music ever, it does have some great, underappreciated songs and a neat overall idea.

You can find a summary here.

Now, I do not have the original Broadway cast recording. I will list the cast for the one that I do have, and then you will know why it is the one that I bought.

Narrator ... Angela Lansbury
Treasurer Cooley ... Chip Zien
Chief Magruder ... Ken Page
Comptroller Schub ... Walter Bobbie
Cora Hoover Hooper ... Madeline Kahn
The Boys ... Sterling Clark, Harvey Evans, Evan Pappas, Eric Riley, Tony Stevens
Mrs. Schroeder ... Maureen Moore
Fay Apple ... Bernadette Peters
J. Bowden Hapgood ... Scott Bakula
Dr. Detmold ... Nick Wyman
Soprano Soloist ... Harolyn Blackwell
Western Union Boy ... Sterling Clark
George ... David Lowenstein
June ... Donna Lee Marshall
John ... Harvey Evans
Martin ... Francis Ruivivar

The download is [here] (60mb). I doubt it will run out, but if it does, let me know.
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