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Does anyone know why cats love to sleep on open strategy guides?

It is a mystery. Or, more likely, it's just because they're pains in the asses.

This, however, is not a cat on a strategy guide. It is a cat on a bookshelf.

Yes, he really is as skinny as he looks there. I wish we could get him to eat more. :(

On an unrelated note, my brother happened to be watching West Side Story on TV today, because it happened to be on. When the "Gee, Officer Krupke" scene came on, I sat down and watched it. I was reminded of something I'd noticed when I watched some of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying a while back.

Specifically, old musicals had a ton of homoeroticism in them.

I'm not talking about "teehee they looked meaningfully at each other so they must be fucking!" homoeroticism. I mean, like, guys leaning reeeally close to each other and staying that way for a good portion of a dance scene; guys winding up in other guys' arms; lots of touching; the works. This shouldn't be surprising, given that it's Broadway--but what surprises me is that there was so much more of it back then. I suppose it's because back then, society at large liked to pretend homosexuality didn't exist, so gay-heavy communities like Broadway (and by extension the people in Hollywood who turned Broadway musicals into movies) were free to stuff it into their productions while everyone was was looking the other way. Today, whenever anyone sees two guys touching, it's OMG TEH GAY, and that is only allowed in carefully regulated relationships with no actual kissing or sex unless it's in a SUPER SPECIAL GAY MOVIE or on a special gay channel on TV.

The ironies of modern society, I guess.


... ...

... ... ...

...thought I was going to go an entire post without mentioning Code Geass, huh? We can't have that! For those of you who are members of code_geass, check this out. Kallen looks hot there, I'm thinking. ♥

And now I sleep. Tomorrow, bleach_yurithon fic, dammit.
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