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I. General anime stuff, not Code Geass-related: the trailer for the Romeo x Juliet anime. Yes, they are doing an anime based on Romeo and Juliet. Loosely based, since apparently it takes place on a floating city with winged horses, and Juliet runs around as Zorro.

However, since it was never one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, I think these changes make it more awesome. I will probably be following it.

II. Code Geass-related: say hello to the new wallpaper that has finally replaced my Athrun/Cagalli WP. Mmm, Kallen.

III. Also Code Geass-related: there is already Britcest on the japanweb. :( Not that I object on principle, because they're a fucked-up royal family, and incest practically comes with that package, but WTF, people, Schneizel hasn't even shown up in the series yet, why are you already pairing him with Lelouch? Not to mention Lelouch/Euphemia whyyyyy.

IV. One more Geass-related matter: I itch to write Jeremiah/Viletta smut. They are so doing it. Aaaaugh must finish my bleach_yurithon fic so I can do that.

On the plus side, I have at least found a good Jeremiah/Viletta fanart site, and that makes me happy.

Mosso also has some very pretty fanart, including a few gorgeous Kallen pieces.

V. To complete my transformation into a sparkly-eyed weeaboo, I am now going to go out and get myself some delicious sushi for dinner. When I come back, I expect to say "kawaii!!" and use the ^_^ emoticon until one of you shoots me.
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