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Okay, okay, I know, I need to stop making random fangirling posts. But! I just finished the Pharos in FFXII.

* Oh my god, Cid is so awesome. I think he might be my favorite Cid, as sad as that is to say, since I really loved Cid Highwind. ;_; He's so beautiful in his madness. And that maniacal laugh! fjdsklfdsj my only regret is that I could never write either him or Balthier, because omfg, I could never get their gorgeous voice down. The localization for this game is so freaking amazing.
* Gabranth is also pretty damn awesome. In my sad little shipper's heart, I want to blame his extra angst by this portion of the game on his having to kill Drace. Of course he's always had issues what with his unresolved guilt over Landis and the brother issues he shares with Basch, but he wasn't quite so desperate until after Drace was gone. Maybe she was helping keep him sane? Awwww.
* The Fran/Balthier moment post Cid-death was so awesome. I wasn't even thinking of them as romantic until then, just sort of ultimate-partners-with-benefits, but the way they touched...omg. The comfortsex will be mindblowing.
* Also, Reddas is so cool. His look of satisfied glee at the end makes me wibble.
* AHAHAHA YES AL-CID CAME BACK YAAAAY. How can you not love him?
* I almost want Al-Cid and Balthier to have a pimpoff. The only reason I don't is because Balthier would lose, and that would be sad. His expression as Al-Cid left was the best thing ever. "You ass, I was planning on charming the hotpants off Ashe. Now you've gone and staked your claim to her first! Goddammit."

I wish the game hadn't spent so long building up to this payoff, though. Oh, well. Uneven plot pacing aside, it's been a damn good game so far. The gameplay is particularly rich. I just wish there'd been more character development.

For the record, I settled on a permanent party ten levels ago; now I use Balthier, Ashe, and Basch. Balthier is the party leader and handles technicks (mostly stealing, also some Expose) and a bit of magic; Basch is PURE TANK GLORY EQUIPPED WITH ZODIAC SPEAR; and Ashe is the mage, although she can also kick ass in physical combat. Those three are all level 70 now; the rest are level 60. Everyone, meanwhile, has filled out the license board. Unfortunately, the Rasler figure hasn't shown up in the Sky Pirate's Den yet; I guess I need to get the remaining two Espers (Ultima and Zodiark) and license them to make him appear.
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