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Ahahahaha. Tomorrow, I'll see if I can bring Fafnir down, and then maybe venture into the Pharos Subterra once again. My main party is at 85 now. Woo.

On an unrelated note, I have decided to extend my holiday giftfics through January, because I slacked off on them so much. D: However, they're pretty far behind in my priorities, which are:

1) Clean room.
2) Look up information on nearby trade schools where I can study photography.
3) Finish setting up rosemush.
4) Prepare for EREECON 07.
5) Work on holiday fics.
6) Try to get back to my other fics. :x I may have to finally catch up on Naruto in order to get back to "Spiral Out."

I'm also sort of eyeing Exalted again. I want to play in that campaign scattersane was going to run, years back. The character I dreamed up was so cool. :<

Also, have a couple of random cute Sakura icons, variations on the same image:

I was going to make more icons, but Photoshop has been kind of twitchy lately, so I stopped while the going was good.
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