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Belated song meme.

Yeah, yeah, it's pretty late for the guess-the-song meme. But then kisanthe brought it up again, and I looked at my playlist and decided that hey, I might as well.

I'm going with thirty songs here.

1. She beckons me--shall I give in?
Upon my end shall I begin?
Forsaking all I've fallen for, I rise to meet the end.

2. Here by the shore, it's so quiet,
And no pebbles for miles around.
It's getting dark, and I wonder
If I ever will find my love.

3. And we laughed at the world--
They can have their diamonds
And we'll have our pearls...

4. But if you insist, babe, the challenge delights me.
The more you resist, babe, the more it excites me.
And no one I've kissed, babe, ever fights me again.
If you're on my's just a matter of when.

5. And the sun, it was gold, though the sky, it was grey,
And she wanted more than she ever could say.
But she knew how it frightened her, and she turned away...

6. But never fear,
I will stay near,
And to the dark
I will be your emissary.

7. You're the luckiest guy I know--
You got everything a girl would wanna hold.
But you just let 'em go,
And they shatter.

8. Maybe I'll stand by the statue and wait for her to cry.
I wanna see real tears and be sincere once before I die.

9. Things are all jumbled up in knots,
And I'm caught in the spider's web.
Only now just a matter of time
Before he comes up to eat my head.

10. And everything seems cut-and-dried,
Day and night, earth and sky.
Somehow I just don't believe it.

11. We all live,
We all die--
That does not begin to justify you.

12. Be my delight tonight,
Step out into the light,
Don't make me wander about in distress.
Tonight is the night when the stars are gonna give you my caress.

13. Tell me, how much do you think you can take
Until the heart in you's starting to break?
Sometimes it feels like it will.

14. You will never be strong enough,
You will never be good enough,
You were never conceived in love,
You will not rise above.

15. As I lay there late at night,
Building castles in the air
Out of alibis and all those little lies...

16. But here is good,
Feels almost right.
Don't call it love yet,
Just call it:

17. And all of the souls
That curl by the fire,
They never know
All man's desire.

18. See, all my dreams don't belong to you,
They have nothing with your world to do.
They just live my life.

19. Did you hear my heart beat through your lies?
Listen close, sweet love of mine.

20. Dark deeds and secret matters,
You can fix it but it doesn't last.
Bright flash, the mirror shatters--
Who's reflected in the broken glass?

21. Make me confused,
Mock me with praise,
Let me be used,
Vary my days.

22. Find the broken pieces and then start anew.
You make yourself believe that you did
Something right.

23. He knew exactly what he had to do.
And then nobody has seen him
Since he walked through that door
And disappeared out in the blue.

24. I could bitch, I could moan,
Say I wanna be left alone,
But that's not really true,
Because I like my time with you.

25. And you're nothing but air, with your hand in the air,
And your shoelaces tied up together with care.
There's a feeling of boredom,
Of the big whoredom...

26. It took some time but when it did cross my mind,
I thought my head was about to detonate.

27. Good riddance to all the socials I had to go to,
All the lodges I had to play,
All the Shriners I said hello to--
Hey, L.A., I'm comin' your way!

28. Is it dark when the moon is down?
Is it dark with a single flame?
If there's glass falling all around,
I am not to blame.

29. Each attempt to clarify
Serves only to confuse,
And it feels just like a fracture,
But it looks more like a bruise.

30. You are a secret,
A new possession.
I like to keep you guessing.

Songs removed from the original randomized thirty on account of being too recognizable, too difficult to extract a non-titular lyric from, instrumental, Japanese, or otherwise just plain unsuitable: "Behind Blue Eyes," "Live and Let Die," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", "The Real Folk Blues," "Tank!", "Tobira no Mukou He," "Melissa," and "The Hall of the Mountain King."
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