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I looked up photography trade schools, and the nearest one is in freaking Queens. :x I guess I'm going to have to start emailing photographers in the area asking for an apprenticeship or something.

To take my mind off that bit of emo, have some pointless fandom memes!

I've done this one before, but I feel like doing it again, so here it is.

Unpopular Fandom Opinions Meme
01. Post this on your journal.
02. Your friends will comment with some of your fandoms or some general topic about fandom.
03. In the comments, respond back with one or two of your unpopular opinions for that fandom or topic.

And then there's this one, which I haven't done in quite some time. No cheating by looking in my fandom post! Besides, it's out of date anyway, so you'd just get confused in some cases. :D

1. Post a list of 10 fandoms.
2. Have your friendslist guess your favorite character from each fandom, and ALL of the the major pairings you support.
3. When guessed, bold the fandom, put in brackets who got it and write a sentence explaining why you like the characters and pairings.

1) Naruto. Eight characters, two pairings, one threesome. (Because I can't choose which of the rest to include.)
Kakashi: I was pretty much pwned by Kakashi from the moment he went "My friends' names are on that stone. And they're all dead." I love the contrast not just between his careless, unthreatening, kind of dorky facade and the badass beneath, but also between his mask of mock cheer and all the issues underneath. And the issues themselves don't hurt either. Father issues, identity issues, and survivor's guilt? I am pwned. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Jiraiya: Even if I talk about my other favorites more, I will always have a huge soft spot for Jiraiya. It's another contrast issue--between the silly pervert and the huge badass underneath. On top of that, the fact that he has such a huge sense of failure, and that he's become so accustomed to it that it almost defines him at times, is really fascinating. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Sasuke: I was kind of "meh" on him until the flashbacks before the Valley of the End, although I had my moments of being intrigued. So he was a badass with angst, woo, whatever. But then we got to see the sheer depth of his issues, and I realized how desperate and driven he was. That always sucks me in. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Sakura: I hate to admit it, but although I never bashed her, I wasn't a big Sakura fan until Part II. But unlike most of the "zomg Part I Sakura sucked but she's so badass in Part II woohoo!" fans, the reason I adore her so much is the way I see all her development from Part I finally culminating in an awesome character. And at the same time, her intensity is still scary and she still has self-esteem issues hurting her. Unf. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Lee: Hard work wins. ;A; Actually, I really like how he has this unusual, slightly fantastical approach to the world with his determination to be not only awesome and hard-working but also dorkily chivalrous ♥ Oh Lee. It's hard to put into words just how awesome he is. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Temari: I wasn't that interested in her at first, but then I started to see how devoted she was to her siblings, and the combination of that and her badassitude won me over. She's tough but awesome. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Anko: To tell you the truth, when Anko first showed up, I was totally pwned. She has declined in my rankings now on account of, oh, never showing up again (sob), but I was just fascinated by what an unconventional character she was. Violent and sexy at once, with a dark past to boot. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Ino: I love that she's the textbook definition of a kunoichi, that she uses her femininity as a weapon and also just plain enjoys it. She's a girly girl and she's cool with that. ♥ Also, her devotion to her friends is wonderful. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Temari/Shikamaru: I didn't get into them until Temari rescued Shikamaru in the Sasubucket arc, but then it was instant OTP. The way they connected so unexpectedly and yet so powerfully was just amazing. And then the more I thought about it, the more they suited each other, and the more interesting their dynamics seemed to be. [guessed by parasaurolophus]
Sasuke/Sakura: This pairing sort of crept up on me. I wasn't really interested at first, beyond "oh, it's angsty and that's kind of cool, but it probably won't actually happen." But then, after the timeskip, when I realized that Sakura was still so devoted to him despite all that had happened, I began to put things together. And now I love it not because of the angst, but because of the hope. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura: The way they're so intertwined and desperately codependent is hot and heartbreaking all at once. I love how all three relationships are different in their own ways but all important, all meaningful, all touching, and when they come together they form something even more awesome. [guessed by clocklike]

2) Bleach. Five One character, four two pairings, one threesome. (Again, can't choose from the rest.)
Urahara: I am so pwned by the contrast between his almost ditzy, flirty, silly exterior and the exceedingly clever strategist and manipulator that lies underneath. I am constantly wondering what he's planning. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Aizen: It is all about the contrast, baby. Nice librarian guy turns into a megalomaniacal villain? I am so there. I also like to think that there's an interesting combination of genuine powerlust and a Dream Of A Better World underlying his motivations. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Rukia: She was my very first favorite. ♥ My love for her has somewhat lessened (I'm hoping this arc will pick it back up again), but I still love her determined badass, and more importantly, all her strange contrasts between noblewoman and streetrat and something just plain other. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Orihime: I always thought she was cool, but I wasn't really into her until after the Soul Society arc when we got to see just how many issues she still had. I find the way she's mostly dealt with her issues by being kind of crazy really endearing, but combined with her struggle to deal with the issues she still his? Win. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Yoruichi/Soi Fong: jflakdjfdsl OTP OTP OTP forever. The sheer amount of emotion in their fight pwned me, and even now I keep finding new things in it. I love how, while Yoruichi is playful and sexy with everyone else (and serious and practical with Urahara when need be), she's gentle and tender with Soi Fong--it's just so sweet to see her showing that hidden side of herself. And on Soi Fong's side, her wild intensity totally does me in. Plus, I love the fact that they have to essentially rebuild their relationship from the ground up after their reconciliation. All the barriers and formalities and misunderstandings that had composed their interactions have been stripped away, and now they have to build something new in their place, using only the power of their loooove. *_* That is totally one of my pairing-kinks. [guessed by clocklike]
Ichigo/Orihime: I didn't even see this at first, somehow, but as the series has gone on post-Soul Society arc, it's really grown on me, especially when I went back and reread the series and realized how many IchiHime moments there had been from the start. Orihime's love for him is both adorable and heartbreaking, and the strange little ways he connects with her are terribly endearing. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Rukia/Ichigo/Orihime: Even though I've fallen mostly out of love with the idea of Rukia/Ichigo as a romance (although I still find it an intriguing prospect in the right hands), this threesome owns me. Ichigo does need both Rukia and Orihime--Rukia to provide him with that sense of equality and partnership and the necessary kicks in the head, and Orihime to give him a gentler, more romantic connection and allow him to open up on a more emotional level. Rukia connects beautifully with both Ichigo and Orihime, and Orihime adores them both. Plus, Orihime is just prime threesome material. ♥ [guessed by parasaurolophus]

3) Gundam SEED. Six characters, six one pairing, one foursome.
Mwu: Totally the last character I expected to adore as much as I do. But something about his combination of cocky heroism and almost totally hidden damage utterly won me over. And his character development was just so amazing. *_* [guessed by clocklike]
Fllay: I will forever love her for being so screwed up. It's always great fun to watch a character descend into the pit of crazy. And father issues are a win for me. [guessed by syaokura]
Klueze: He's so delightfully over-the-top in his faggy villainy. ♥ But I also seriously love the tragic issues that pushed him into insanity and destructiveness. And I am a sucker for masks. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Yzak: He's such a little bitch. ♥ I adore his brittle pride and the savage devotion to his comrades that underlies it. I just wish the series had developed him more. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Cagalli: Sure, she's badass, but what really gets me is the squishy emotional passion taht underlies it. She's a confused, immature teenage girl trying her damnedest to do what's right and help fix the world. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Lacus: Okay, so she's adorable, but mostly I just loved how Lacus grew over the course of the series as a result of meeting Kira and seeing his situation. And the contrast between her sweet innocence and the badass lurking underneath = win. [guessed by syaokura]
Mwu/Murrue: Well, part of this comes from my love of Mwu. Okay, so most of it does. It was just such an integral part of his character development, and it made so much sense, and it was so heartbreaking sometimes. And they were just so damned sweet together. [guessed by clocklike]
Dearka/Miriallia: I never expected to ship these two. I mean, Miriallia obviously had a boyfriend and all. But then events unfolded, and I was just pwned by their connection. *_* I love pairings like that. Plus, it has cuteness, angst, violence, and dorkiness all at the same time. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Athrun/Cagalli: I was utterly sucked into this one in Phase 24 by their strange, intense connection. I love pairings like that. Phase 31 made it even better--their instant bond, the way they showed each other sides of each other that nobody else except Kira got to see...I was pwned. I found the sudden fluffiness of the pairing in the later episodes a bit disappointing, but still, it's pretty awesome. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Fllay/Yzak: What. Allow me my crack. :< Seriously, though, I like the fact that these are two of the most intense characters in the series, and putting them together would make for some awesome sparks. It would also provide a chance to explore the aspects of their character arcs that I think went untouched in SEED itself. Plus, they are the two biggest bitches in the whole series. Instant win. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Kira/Fllay: Well, for one, Fllay is made of win and every relationship she touches gets that much more messed-up and intriguing. Anyway, this pairing in particular so beautifully illustrated both such incredible messed-up-ness and, in the end, a certain degree of redemption for Fllay. [guessed by syaokura]
Athrun/Cagalli/Kira/Lacus: The OT4 was totally the point of SEED for me. The way they overcame so many difficulties to come together as lovers and family and save the freaking world--it gives me such warm fuzzies. Foursomes for world peace, man. [guessed by clocklike]

4) Final Fantasy VIII. Four characters, three pairings, one triangle.
Seifer: He's such an asshole, and yet at the same time, he has such shining, noble dreams. I love that contrast. Plus, he is all fiery and passionate and stuff, and that always gets me in a character. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Laguna: I love the adorkable, and Laguna is the very definition of the non-word. ♥ But what really does it for me is that underneath is dorkiness and scatterbrained attitude, he's a charismatic leader. And his love for Raine was touching. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Rinoa: There was a rather gradual climb to my favor here, helped along by my RPing her, but I adore her now. She's so cute and such a silly dork sometimes, but at the same time she genuinely wants to help people. Her weirdly immature and sometime self-centered desire others is an interesting contrast. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Selphie: Okay, okay, it's really just my love of contrasts at work here. On the one hand, happy bouncy girl who loves trains! On the other hand...she also loves explosions and will fuck your shit up if you hurt her friends! :D [guessed by joiedecombat]
Laguna/Raine: I was reduced to tears by this pairing, literally. And it's hard to make me cry with fiction. They were just so meant for each other, and it was so brief and yet so perfect and beautiful. Gah. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Seifer/Rinoa: I really wish we'd gotten more information on what Seifer and Rinoa's relationship was like, because they're both such passionate characters--it must have been crazy and awesome. Insane summer love full of dreams for changing the world in a burst of glory = yes. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Squall/Rinoa: On the other hand, I love this one less because of concept and more because of the touching way it was executed. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but still, it was so endearing to see the little ways they warmed up to each other. And I will always adore the way Squall just snapped once Rinoa was in the coma. [guessed by joiedecombat]
Seifer/Rinoa/Squall: This triangle really should have received more attention in canon. Seifer and Rinoa's relationship had so much potential, Squall and Rinoa's was so awesome, and Seifer and Squall's rivalry fascinated me. I can't see the latter as sexual, but as a tangled mess of conflicting emotions and passions, these three relationships are awesome. [guessed by joiedecombat]

5) Final Fantasy XII. Three characters, three pairings.
Balthier: Favorite character in the whole game ♥ How can I not love him, seriously? On the one hand, he's dashing and theatrical and oh-so-suave, while still being genuinely dangerous and clever. On the other hand, he has genuine issues that make me wibble. I LOVE HIM SO. [guessed by rampant_geekery]
Penelo: A bit of an odd choice for me, but I have a thing for apparently normal girls who actually turn out to be not-so-normal. She's both tough and cute at the same time, too. [guessed by rampant_geekery]
Dr. Cid: As much as I hate to say it, I think he's surpassed Cid Highwind as my favorite Cid. He manages to be a mad scientist while still retaining a sense of style and flair, and the fact that he had a noble goal just makes his crazy all the more awesome. [guessed by rampant_geekery]
Fran/Balthier: First of all, they have the most amazing partnership, and they make it hot. But on top of that, what really hooked me as I got deeper into the game was how tender some of their gestures to each other could be, when they'd briefly drop the masks of cool distance and suavity and just...connect. And finally, at the Pharos, I could no longer deny how romantic they are. ♥ ♥ ♥ [guessed by rampant_geekery]
Larsa/Penelo: It's not that I particularly dislike Vaan/Penelo, but Larsa/Penelo is just so much more interesting to me. Sure, there's the fun of them being from different worlds and having to deal with that, but more than that, the way they connect through their differences makes me happy. [guessed by rampant_geekery]
Gabranth/Drace: I have no idea how these two manage to be so awesome based off just two scenes of interaction, but oh man, they were so doing it. And something about their tenacious little love in the midst of all the crazy politicking in Archadia is so hot. Plus, their cracky little alternative family structure with Larsa = ♥ [guessed by rampant_geekery]

6) Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Two characters, three two pairings.
Fayt/Maria: Yeah yeah yeah, they're supposed to be siblings, but the game never outright says so, or even gives us concrete hints, so I'm going to ignore that, because their connection is really pretty cool. [guessed by dragonsquee]

7) D.Gray-man. Five Two characters, two pairings.
Komui: He is such a huge, crazy dork, and I love him so for it. ♥ But what really makes him my favorite character is that beneath that total dorkitude is a serious leader and a loving brother. Contrasts like that are win. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Rinali: I wasn't that interested in her on my first read, but when I went back through it--especially after reading some of the later chapters--wow. I love how her past has shaped her into someone so fiercely, desperately devoted to her friends and family. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Ravi: He's kind of cool and kind of a dork, but what really makes him one of my favorites is his struggle to reconcile his dutybound need to be an impartial recorder of history and his personal desire to help people and care for his friends. [guessed by a_white_rain]
Allen/Rinali: Aaaugh I just go so completely wibbly over how they've connected, how they've provided strength for each other, how much they've been through for each other's sake--and despite this, how they still manage to be dorky and adorable together. The fact that, at their worst moments, they think of each other--that's pretty sweet too. They're just so terribly OTP. [guessed by clocklike]
Ravi/Miranda: Okay, so there's not much evidence for it yet, but I really like both characters, and the awkward little moments of support they've shown each other are so sweet. [guessed by dragonsquee]

8) Fate/Stay night. Three One character, two pairings.
Archer: I was only vaguely interested in him at first, but then when I went and looked up his past, it was a;fjkslfds INSTANT WIN AUGH. That twisted combination of bitterness and self-loathing with the secret chivalry still left in him...augh so awesome. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Rin: She's such a little firecracker. ♥ I love how fiercely she fights, and at the same time how she cares for and protects people. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Rin/Archer: There was a time when they were having sex in my head pretty much constantly. Uh. That aside, what first drew me to them was the awesome UST. But I wasn't really pwned by them until episodes 13 and 14, when we really got to see the subtle connection they had that went beyond a typical Master/Servant relationship. And then when I learned about the stuff the anime had left out, plus Archer's past...oh man. This pairing caters to so many of my kinks. The powerplay of their relationship, the equals-who-don't-seem-like-equals aspect, the sense of doomed redemption that Archer brings to the table, the sheer brokenness of it...unf. [guessed by parasaurolophus]
Saber/Shirou: I loved their connection in the early episodes so much. It was so strange and dorky and endearing. That said, I got pretty meh at it after episode 15; it went from a strange, quasi-romantic connection to a boring (and somewhat frustrating) typical angsty romance. [guessed by dragonsquee]

9) Code Geass. Four One character, four one pairing.
Euphemia: I am normally mildly into characters like her, but not hugely, so she really surprised me. What does it, really, are her identity issues, her conflict between wanting to be a nice normal girl and actually being a princess. She doesn't really fit either role just right, and that fascinates me. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Lelouch: He pwns me with his contrast between dorky drama queen; serious strategist and leader; and broken, traumatized teenage boy. That's all I need. ♥ [guessed by dragonsquee]
Kallen: I love how fierce she is with her devotion to Justice and Avenging Japan and Making A Better World For Mommy. And she's such a secret woobie with the last one, too. And her struggles to be both a badass terrorist and a weak, shy little schoolgirl are hilarious. [guessed by syaokura]
Suzaku/Euphemia: OTP OTP OTP eeee ♥ They're so adorable around each other. More than that, the way they seem to be able to let go of their issues and conflicts, if only for a moment, or at least be more at peace with them, when they're around each other--that's incredibly touching. And they draw strength from each other too awwww ♥ [guessed by clocklike]
Lelouch/Kallen: The UST in the early episodes was what first got me interested in this pairing, but what actually got me shipping it was their time together in Stage 9. Lelouch seems to want to open up to Kallen despite himself, but it's going to take a lot of effort, and I love that in a pairing. Plus, the fact that she's his knight is such a nice reversal of gender roles. Oh yeah, and the violence and sexy, sexy angst when she finds out who Zero is and what his real goals are? It will be beautiful. [guessed by clocklike]
Jeremiah/Villetta: As with Kallen/Lelouch, what first drew me to these two was a sort of unspoken UST. But mostly, fighting partnerships are totally hot. As is Villetta's loyalty. The mystery of these two keeps you wondering, too. Plus, they're totally evil Roy/Riza. That is win. [guessed by clocklike]

10) Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Three characters, two pairings.
Garak: I put off being converted into a raving Garak fan for a while, I really did. I was still loyal to Odo. But after "The Wire," I finally admitted it: he pwns me totally and completely. Could a character appeal any more to me? He's a sexually and morally ambiguous spy with tons of facades, and just to top it off, he has father issues. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Odo: Although he's now my second-favorite character, when I was younger Odo was totally my favorite, and he held that position for a while. He tries to be such a snarky misanthrope, but he's secretly a total woobie. Plus, identity issues pwn me. [guessed by dragonsquee]
Dukat: I did not expect to be so hot for Dukat, but he's such an amazingly well-developed villain. Everything he does makes sense, and it's fascinating to watch him try to justify it to himself. And the way Ziyal opened up parts of him that were actually genuinely good, only to destroy them permanently and send him off the deep end when she died, was awesome. [guessed by cephiedvariable]
Garak/Bashir: I joked about them being gay when I was initially watching some of the later episodes, but then I went and watched the early stuff, and man, I was so hooked. Especially once "The Wire" aired. For one thing, I have a thing for ambiguous mentor/mentored relationships. For another, it's so tricky and doomed and yet it keeps pulling me in, augh. The subtextuality of it is what makes it great--there's definite sexual attraction there on Garak's part and a mostly-platonic crush (which eventually grows into a strange, wary appreciation and dubious understanding) on Bashir's, but it all stays humming beneath the surface. *_* I worship the actors for pulling it off for as long as they did. [guessed by parasaurolophus]
Odo/Kira: Even if I was really pissed off at the way canon hooked these two up, that doesn't change the fact that Odo will forever pwn me with his crazy obsessive quiet love for Kira. And they were so touching once they did hook up. [guessed by dragonsquee]

Okay go!
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