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Oh, House, why you gotta hurt me so? After weeks of waiting for a new episode, this is what I get? It was excruciating. I'm not even talking about the subject matter--sadly, given the stuff I read and watch, I'm pretty inured. Just...the incredibly poor execution of it. I know that people complain that the show is formulaic, but doing an entire episode of meaningless philosophical maundering is not the way to break formula.

And it started out so well, too. Clinic duty invariably promises awesome lulz and House being terrific. But then in came the Plot Device.'s not that it was inherently unrealistic or anything. I'm perfectly willing to believe that a rape victim would behave in such an irrational manner while struggling to come to terms with what happened to her. But just because it could happen in real life doesn't mean it's good storytelling. In real life, "just because" works well enough when someone is being irrational. In fiction, "just because" should not be used to carry the main plot point of an episode, namely "this girl will not leave House alone."

Still, there were a few great moments when House was interacting with someone other than Walking Philosophy Bomb. But...I'm not sure how I feel about House being abused as a child. It's kind of cheap; it makes his father into too much of a villain, when it already made sense to me that he'd avoid his father just because he felt uncomfortable being judged. If that makes any sense. On the other hand, I like that they kept it relatively "mild" abuse, as it shows how any form of abuse can fuck a kid up. Also, it does make sense with House's personality--his lack of self-worth outside his intelligence, his inability to grow up, his constant doubting of everyone around him.

Eh. At least I can say this: the revelation wasn't the worst part of the episode by far. Then again, maybe most people thought this episode was an awesome change of pace. I don't know.

Aside from that, I've also been watching the first season of a show called The Wire on DVD. I wouldn't have touched it--it's a cop show focusing on a team of police who attempt to take down a drug lord as well as the people involved with dealing drugs, and that's not really the sort of thing I'm into. But my father and my brother would offer themselves up willingly as sex slaves if that show asked them to; they think it's god. So my mom and I have started watching; we've gone through five episodes so far. It's...interesting. I haven't totally been hooked yet, but I'm giving it time. My problem so far is that it's too realistic, which means it takes a while for things to really happen, and also that it's really, really hard to follow sometimes. Especially when the characters on the street are talking about drugs in the argot of the business.

I am, however, hugely impressed by how the show handles gay characters. Of the seven truly competent characters on the show, two are gay. And they're not swept aside with "oh, they're gay, but they can never have a real on-screen relationship now and will be the butt of jokes except for when we talk soulfully about how wrong intolerance is." Nope. Omar makes out with his boyfriend, and we get a shirtless fading-to-black scene of Greggs having sex with her girlfriend. And they have other aspects to their character besides being gay, too.

I really like Omar, if only because he gets the drugs he sells by swiping other dealers' stashes, and it's really hilarious to watch the big drug lord getting all indignant because a fucking cocksucker (yes, the show is on HBO) walked right in and took his stash.

video games
I've mostly been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess lately. After I finish this entry, I will probably go play it some more. Here are some of my notes on my gameplay. Keep in mind this is the first Zelda game I've played.

This is definitely not the sort of RPG I'm used to. It's much more traditional, very focused on dungeons and puzzles. (The puzzles drive me mad sometimes; I wish I'd gotten a strategy guide.) And some of the tasks you have to complete make me tear at my hair. I'm currently stuck at the bridge where you have to shoot arrows at the bad guy so that the caravan carrying Telma, Ilia, and the Zora child can get across. No matter how I try, I just can't get the arrows to go to the right place.

That said, I'm enjoying the game. It doesn't appeal to me as totally as the FF games do, but that's just preference. The controls are interesting and exploring is very shiny. The use of multiple objects to accomplish specific tasks reminds me of first-person adventure games, which I really like. (And that reminds me: someday I need to get around to playing Dreamfall, really. It's not like I can't; I have it installed on my dad's computer.) I'm also getting addicted to fishing, I'm afraid.

I suspect most people probably find her annoying, but I really like Midna. She's like evil and cute packed into one little sprite, and evil + cute is always awesome.

I'm looking forward to getting the Zoran Armor or whatever it is. Exploring underwater should be fun. Although knowing this game, it'll probably find a way to make it maddening.

Thanks to green_and_warty, I'm on the verge of being sucked into apping for Jiraiya on an LJ RP. Well. We'll see how this goes.

Have also finally made plans for Lelouch's leap to POW3R on ineffablegame. Hopefully, that can be carried out in an Interesting Fashion. And then once he's accomplished his initial goal of getting into power in Winterheart, I'll start looking for people to come and app other Geass cast members to fuck with his poor Darkened head. :D

Where is Geass 15? D: Oh well. I can wait. Even though hot chainsaw action makes me impatient.

Weirdly, what I'm craving lately is more Nekoten. Does anyone know of a scanlation group that's looking for a new project? Because Nekoten's original scanlators seem to have dropped it.

Because I told rampant_geekery I'd make one of these, and the others, well. I can't make just one icon.

I have seven cavities. D:
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