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another pointless post?!

I. lololol icons. Finally made that post with my latest batch of Geass icons and colorbars. Predictably, even though I stated in my post to code_geass that I'd only done colorbars for Suzaku, Euphemia, Kallen, and the girls in general, someone complained that I hadn't done one for Lelouch. Oh, Geass fandom.

I will make a Bleach and Naruto iconpost shortly--after this week's icontests conclude. I'll also put up my Cagalli and Euphemia tables for iconfiend100 (I have eight icons done for the former, six for the latter). Someday I should do a D.Gray iconpost, but man, since the anime art is so awful and there's so little official art, I don't have any material to icon. I really need to learn how to color manga images, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

II. I'm a bit late on this, but. Anime/manga friending meme. I don't usually participate in these things, but I thought what the hell.

III. I haven't been doing fanfic or anything lately because I've been channeling all my energy into descing for the new Final Fantasy MUSH. It's more descs than I've done since years ago when I did descing for ineffablegame. Some of them have been pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to descing Balamb Garden (especially the training center), but all in all, I'm going to be glad when it's over and I can get back to all that fanfic I've left in the lurch. I'd really like to finish that IshiHime idea, not to mention get cracking on the next chapter of "Spiral Out" (the sooner I finish that the sooner I can start on one of my other chaptered ideas. Even though I should really do "Firebird" instead. Sigh). And all the other fic ideas I have to do.

IV. Also. I should really get to work on stuff for amnesty month at ship_manifesto. ew_younerd, we need to discuss the LeeTen essay sometime. The way I figure:
--You'll do the Tenten character writeup
--I'll do the Lee character writeup
--You'll give me a list of their Moments in canon
--I'll look the Moments up and describe them essay-style
--You'll do analyses of the psychological aspects of the pairing
--Together we'll discuss speculative stuff about where it might go in canon and how it might develop, and I'll roll that into something essay-style
--I can hunt for recs because I know you hate most fanfiction XD
--Finally I'll edit the whole thing because I'm a grammar freak.
p.s. ur hot will u go out w/ me y/n/m

I also need to get to work on that Allen/Rinali essay that I should have done months ago. Which means catching up on D.Gray-man.

V. Watched some more of the Wire tonight. It's still a little bit hard to follow, but it's getting better, and I'll definitely stick with it at this point, if only because some of the characters are really awesome. Omar is the man, and now he is pissed off, and characters I like being pissed off always makes me happy. I need to find screencaps so I can make icons of him. Of course, given that I still haven't found B5 screencaps to make Marcus icons, these may be a while in coming.

VI. I am getting tired of my "am but mad north-north-west" Itachi icon. I mean, it's Itachi. It may be an excellent candidate to be replaced with a ~*~Chainsaw of LOVE~*~ icon. I mean, I don't even like Mao that much (he kind of reads as a plot device to me), but that scene was just so awesome.
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