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After I fell asleep (I say "fell asleep" rather than "went to sleep" because when I curled up around Christopher to doze, I didn't mean for it to be all night) last night, there was a race to talk about the latest incredibly awesome Bleach spoiler. On my side, moonsheen wins, because she actually AIMed me about it as soon as I woke up. What does she win? I don't know, maybe I'll write a sexy Rukia ficlet based on the chapter once it's scanlated. Because Rukia is so awesome. Oh man, I'm so excited, guys. I was just talking about some of my issues with Rukia's development in the Soul Society arc, and this could totally rip them open and give a much more satisfactory resolution.

In my excitement over the spoiler, I totally freaking forgot to do my usual compulsive check of gg to see if the latest Geass had been released. As it turns out, it has, along with a sub of the cute little DVD drama with baby Suzaku and Lelouch and Nunnally. Time to download! Then will commence the awesome and the Suzaku fangirling. Who knows, after this episode, he may be one of my favorites.

Edit: ...but for some reason the video on either of them doesn't work; I just get sound. Seriously, fuck gg. I can't believe there are still people licking their boots and declaring "VLC users deserve this" after what they've been doing. Yes, it's great that they're subbing for us, and I appreciate it, but do they have to be such giant assholes about it?

Return of Edit: Thank god for that horrible mean thief who swiped gg's release, removed the VLC-breaking tags, and re-released it. Downloading that now; hopefully it'll work on VLC.
Tags: bleach, code geass
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