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of the differences between the SNES FFVI and FFVI Advance.
duoron says, "Also, I'm telling you, that bass line is manlier"
friendpersonpat says, "Let me listen to my .mp3 and compare"
friendpersonpat says, "They didn't deepen it, but they made it more in the main melody."
friendpersonpat says, "It's less that the bass is beefier than everything else is less beefy."
friendpersonpat says, "Let us draw this analogy."
duoron says, "It was probably my subwoofer in that case, I haven't ever heard it with a decent low-frequency speaker."
friendpersonpat says, "The bass is the throbbing cock beneath the clothing of the melody."
friendpersonpat says, "The SNES version is wearing underwear, while the GBA version is freeballing."
friendpersonpat says, "The GBA's pants are also somewhat tighter."
duoron says, "this is on my top 10 list of worst analogies ever"
friendpersonpat says, "That's what you pay me for."
Tags: quotes, video games

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