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hurray, another poll

As some of you may have surmised from the contents of my last post and my failure to respond to anything for a while afterwards, I was down with cramps for all of yesterday afternoon. It was one of my worst episodes. Usually they're annoying but mild, but a few times every year, I'm reduced to sobbing and wailing and curling up in a fetal position either in bed or, if I'm nauseous enough, on the bathroom floor.

Unsurprisingly, the Vicodin didn't really help the pain, but it did make me space out enough that I was able to sleep through the worst of it. That is, after I took the second pill; I'd thrown up the first one. Sigh.

I'm pretty much better now, but unfortunately, the disruption to my sleep schedule and overall abuse of my body from within has triggered the return of my cold. It's not as bad as before, but it is annoying. Blech.

So I'm spending most of my day watching Scrubs when the TV is free and playing FFVI Advance when it isn't. I should do some icons, but I think I'll let that wait for tomorrow. For now, I'm considering my fanfiction options. I have a few particularly pressing options right now, but I can't decide which ones to work on. So, as usual, I turn to my friendslist for help.

Poll #931820 Next fanfic?

What should my next fanfic be?

Dorky/vaguely angsty Ishida-centric IshiHime, "is no parenthesis"
Sasuke-perspective SasuSaku about his reaction to Sakura repeatedly miscarrying
Sakura gen about her relationships, how she grows up, and the importance of scent
Cracky/cute Lacus-centric KiraLacus/OT4-ish piece for qara_isuke
The next (unfortunately short) chapter of "Spiral Out"

Should I finish "Spiral Out"?

Yes, you jerk
No, Naruto is full of hate and fail now
No, you've waited too long
Put it on hold

What should my next chaptered fic be after "Spiral Out"?

"Firebird" (Bleach murder mystery)
IchiRuki IN SPACE, including Urahara scheming and evil mastermind Hinamori
The NaruSasu demon/angel sex + dreams of Sakura AU
The Naruto noir AU (primarily InoSaku)
"Violent Dreams" (twistedly alternate continuity SEED fic)

I also have various bits of meta I want to do, especially my Thoughts On Suzaku/Euphemia (including why it is not that much like Kira/Lacus, despite sharing a few similarities), but I'm not really feeling up for it at the moment.

Oh, and I'm getting altogether too eager to post March's themes to 31_days. How long do you guys think I should wait before giving in?
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