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what do I not need? I know! a fic prompt!

So I've been thinking on various things I could write--including the next (short, for which my readers will slaughter me) chapter of "Spiral Out." But I'm feeling rather rusty about writing in general. So I decided I'd try to get into the mood with a fic prompt.

I like making up my own prompts (which kind of defeats the purpose, I guess, but whatever). I also got weirded out by hearing a Pogues song being used for a car commercial the other day (especially since it was a song with the lyric "with a heart full of hate and a lust for vomit." I mean, do you really want to associate that with your car?). So I figured I'd do Pogues lyrics for this set of prompts. I don't really have any other excuse. Um. St. Patrick's Day is in a few weeks? Does that count?

Anyway, this is pretty simple. Claim a prompt and give me a character, pairing, platonic relationship, or group from one of my fandoms. I'll write a tinyfic (I can't promise an exact drabble) for it.

And yes, I will now write Berserk fic based on anything up through volume 24.

1. And we'll go where the spirits take us, to heaven or to hell
2. The dead have come to claim a debt from thee [claimed for Kakashi/Sasuke by a_white_rain]

"Did you think this would accomplish anything?" Kakashi asks Sasuke.

The boy is almost expressionless. Most would think him totally blank. But Kakashi knows the slight narrowing of those eyes, the tension in his mouth; he knows the bitterness mixed with fear there. He knows that if Sasuke could, he'd flee to be alone and not have to deal with his old teacher's sharp gaze.

Right now, though, he's too busy lying on his hospital bed, tubes twined into his arms. His attempt to sacrifice himself for Naruto would have left him dead if not for Sakura's frenzy of healing, and he still has a way to go before he can walk again, much less run from Kakashi.

"Maybe," he says, "if they'd have just let me go." He lifts his gaze up to Kakashi. "They don't understand," he says impatiently. "I have to pay off the ghosts."

He talks about the ghosts often, since his brush with death. The medics thought at first that he was delirious; it was Kakashi who knew to convince them otherwise.

"Do you understand that you owe something to the living now?" Kakashi asks.

But this time, Sasuke meets his gaze. "Do you?"

Kakashi has no answer.
3. Did the old songs taunt or cheer you, and did they still make you cry? [claimed for Seifer/Rinoa/Squall by joiedecombat]

"Don't look behind you," Rinoa said to Squall, her hands still on his waist as they danced.

From the way he blinked at her, she knew immediately that he was not entirely sure whether to take her words as a literal warning or as a philosophical injunction against spending too much time thinking on the past year since their triumph, since the date this ball was held to honor. After a moment, though, he saw her gaze fixed on a point beyond his shoulder, and inevitably, he turned to follow it. Which, were Rinoa entirely honest with herself, she would admit was what she'd wanted.

"Did someone invite you?" Squall said slowly as he eyed Seifer.

"I did," Seifer said, indicating himself rather dramatically. "I think that counts, don't you?"

"I think you should leave," Squall said, but his eyes glittered.

Neither of them had noticed the space spreading out around the three of them as the other dancers turned into a crowd of spectators--but Rinoa had, and she smiled and set a hand on each of their shoulders.

"I think," she said, "that you should fight it out here and now--"

--because she would be there, and she knew when to stop it, and how.

Rinoa gestured to the band, and they started a faster song.
4. You took my dreams from me when I first found you [claimed for Orihime/Aizen by kumagoro_usagi]

The first few nights she spends in Hueco Mundo, Orihime dreams. It's strange, because she thought she would dream of Ichigo, who gave her the strength to survive here, or Rukia, who gave her comfort when she needed it.

But Hueco Mundo is not a place for dreams of romance. Instead, she dreams of Aizen, and she feels his hands around her heart, pulling something out of it, crushing it.

"What are you taking from me?"

He smiles at her, slow and unkind like a knife. "Your dreams. I can put them to better use."

Orihime can't imagine a life without her dreams and fantasies, and she always wakes up ready to cry.

Her dreams do not change until Aizen introduces her to the Hougyoku. Then when his hands close around her heart, they find not flesh but something hard and glinting like diamonds.

"This is better," he says, with an even stranger smile. "This is what belongs here."

And she is frightened, but she will not let it go.
5. This shadow hanging over me is no trick of the light [claimed for Sasuke/Temari by kisanthe]
6. May the wind that blows from haunted graves never bring you misery
7. I'll be with them asleep and dreaming, I'll be there when they wake with screaming [claimed for Renji/Rukia by molten_ghost]

"The orders are in," Renji said. "We leave for Karakura on earth tomorrow."

"I know," Rukia said. "Captain Ukitake told me this morning."

"Right," he said, but he could see in her eyes--she was already there, already fighting the new threat, redeeming herself in her own eyes even though she knew now that she needed no redeeming in the eyes of others.

"He didn't mention that you were coming, though," she said, and there was the faintest catch in her voice.

"Don't see why not," Renji said, pulling himself up straight. "I'm a force on my own now."

"I'm glad," she said, suddenly taking hold of his hand, and then he couldn't help it: he was looking into her eyes.

And he knew that if she was already there, always fighting at Ichigo's side against whatever threatened those she needed to protect, he was there as well, holding onto her.
8. Somehow it don't seem right that something in the moon could change these endless days to lonely nights [claimed for Hinamori by dragonsquee]

There are many people in Soul Society--most in Rukongai, true, but still a fair number in Seireitei. Hinamori always took this for granted, and she smiled at them often as they passed her by.

Now she walks through the white streets and sturdy halls and cannot believe how empty they are. She sees people, but they seem hollow. It was as if Aizen's smile animated everyone in her life. And now that it is gone--

No, that's not true. If he had been truly gone, truly dead for the final time, at least his bones could have formed the basis for a new life for her. He isn't gone; he's been stolen.

At first, Hinamori thinks she walks the white streets searching for Aizen himself. The real Aizen must be hidden somewhere, waiting to embrace her without pain this time.

But that illusion falls from her as the days--or more truly, the nights--pass. It is a pretty picture, but it crumbles in her hands. The Aizen that left, that was the real one. What she's searching for isn't him, but the strength he gave her once.

When she finds it, she will know whether it is the strength to follow him or the strength to destroy him.
9. You told me tales of love and glory--same old sad songs, same old story [claimed for Fate/Stay night by parasaurolophus]
10. I'm not singing for the future, I'm not dreaming of the past [claimed for Caska by ew_younerd]
11. Your nightmares all come out to play in the silver light
12. I want to be haunted by the ghost of your precious love
13. Some of them fell into Heaven, some of them fell into Hell [claimed for C.C./Lelouch by syaokura]

"Were there others like Mao before him?" Lelouch demanded.

He asked her these things, sometimes--not often, but occasionally, when it suited him better to pick at her than to contemplate his own inadequacies. But more and more, lately, he'd seemed truly interested in the answers, and she'd been more hesitant to simply brush the questions off.

She still tried to be cryptic, though. "None that you need to worry about now."

"Where are they now?" He was looking away from his screens and his papers now, for a moment letting go of the troubles of the rebellion to stare at her intently.

She met his gaze. "Do you believe in Hell?"

He flinched away; she could still outstare him. "Not knowing what there is just in this world. There would be no point; it's already here."

And though it was a typically overwrought thing for him to say, the thought came to her unbidden:

I want him to be the one who is different from all who came before. I want him to end up somewhere better.
14. Every step and every breath brings me nearer home [claimed for Ino by yesthatnagia]
15. As roses wither may God deliver the rake at the Gates of Hell tonight
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