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I am a consumer whore!

Curse you, Acorn catalog! You have such shiny things for such distressing prices!

For the record, Acorn primarily sells DVDs, often of programs with a very British slant, and we've bought several such things from them (BBC adaptations of John le Carré novels, mostly, and the Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music miniseries). But I always get sparkly-eyed over the gifts and clothing and novelty items they have.

British book shelves!
Awesome dramatic flowy red cape!
Pretty necklace!
Pretty necklace #2!
Shiny watch!
Cool pajamas!

Maybe I can at least convince my mother that the pajamas would be a worthwhile investment. I doubt it, though, as I could get a pair of pajamas for much less. Oh well.

I did not accomplish anything today. This was largely on account of a) watching TV with my father and b) consuming Furies of Calderon. It's been so long since I'd really settled down to read epic fantasy that I'd forgotten I could like it. I am really digging this book--so much that it surprises me, even. I only picked up the first of the trilogy the last time I was at Barnes & Noble, so--having torn through most of the book tonight--I've informed my father that we're going back to Barnes & Noble tomorrow.

The setting makes me happy--it's a nice use of the elements, and I like that the government rings more Roman than generic-feudal-European. And the characters kick ass. I am so in love with that guy with the ironic name and the obligatory fighty chick that I can even forgive that whole accidental lifebonding thing that went down a few chapters back. Spies! With a twisty mentorship relationship! Win.

Oh, I did make some cat macros today. This included a kitten with a Geass eye. I'll upload them tomorrow (by which I mean later today), I guess.

One last thing. I tried to crack open Zelda: Twilight Princess again the other day, but, well...I cannot beat Morpheel. With some effort and luck, I can get past its first stage, but the second one? I suck waaaaay too bad at swimming. I just can't get close enough to grapple the eye; whenever I try, I wind up missing and getting sucked in and munched on instead. Any tips?
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