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I. Once again, I did not actually accomplish anything today. Unless you count writing a fanfic as "accomplishing something," and...yeah.

So I'm just going to make a post full of cat macros! Yay!

II. Actually, first I'll make a quick list of nice, accomplishable things to do tomorrow:
1) Work on cleaning room
2) Finish Jiraiya app for apresmoi_rpg
3) Watch Code Geass 18 and maybe 19

There! That should not be too painful. If I can finish that stuff, I might also want to
1) Send emails to local photographers
2) Make some icons

Here are some other things I will likely do:
1) Read more of Academ's Fury
2) Play more Wii Sports
3) Watch more Scrubs
4) Stare at the computer until my eyeballs fall out

III. Now, the main reason I made this post: I actually got some fanfic done! Shut up, I'm justified in feeling a tiny bit accomplished; it's been forever since I've really written something, or at least it feels like it. Ugh, my creativity is so down. Especially when it comes to Naruto. But I managed to churn out another entry for my 30_kisses claim by way of a 31_days prompt.

Here at 30_kisses and here at 31_days. Tomorrow I will probably stick it up on jc_eastling,, and Ficwad, because I am a cross-archiving whore.

For the record, it's only nominally SasuSaku for the sake of having another entry at 30_kisses; it's mostly Sasuke-POV Team 7 gen. It's kind of weird; I've never really done this particular perspective on Sasuke before, and I fear I might be losing my touch. I'd rather be writing Suzaku/Euphemia.

IV. Aaaand now, what you've all been waiting for (or not): cat picture! A few cellphone pictures of my own kitties (sobsob I want a real camera back), some four-year-old-plus pictures I dug up of me with evilbeej's cat, and a handful of silly cat macros I made.

I stumbled across Christopher and Othello being insanely cute on the couch together, and I raced upstairs, got my cellphone, raced downstairs, and snapped a which point, Christopher finally got up and left, just in time to make the picture blurry. Little orange bastard.

For the record, the reason I take so many more pictures of Christopher than Othello? Not because I love him more, but rather because Othello is not very photogenic most of the time. He's too black; all the comes out on camera is a dark blob with faint glints where eyes should be.

On to the pictures of evilbeej's Repeat as a kitten!

Awwww so tiny. So adorably insane.

Macro time!

I am not sure whether this fellow is "Japancat" or "Kawaiicat."

I couldn't resist. It just had such an imperious pose.

V. Speaking of Geass (the segue to that is under the previous cut. You will just have to click)...a new group, Your-Mom, has started subbing it. Apparently they pick up popular series with slow or unpopular fansubbers. I don't really appreciate picking on gg for being slow (although it does kind of annoy me that they seem to have stopped working on Geass altogether for the past several days, judging by the lack of change in the project status page), but their attitude bugs me enough that I like seeing them get knocked down a peg.

However, I'm kind of leery of watching the Your-Mom avis, because apparently they're really low-quality--bad translations, shitty encoding, and random pointless, distracting comments added on. Still, I'm desperate at this point. D:

...although oddly enough, I haven't even bothered watching the recap at this point. I suppose I should do that before getting into the new ones. For now, though, I'm going to go watch some Scrubs.

Edit: VI. Quick note to say that I picked up Academ's Fury, Cursor's Fury, and Proven Guilty at Barnes & Noble today. *drops money into Jim Butcher's pockets*

However, the main point of this edit is what the fuck, how did it take me until Chapter 9 of Academ's Fury to figure out what "Tavi" is short for? adfjsklfdsjkl.
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