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This post only has a few points to it.

The first is: yeah, everyone's talking about tonight's episode of House. I'm afraid I'm going to have to weigh in with a less positive opinion than most.

Don't get me wrong, it was loads better than anything over the Tritter arc, and anything's better than "One Day, One Room." And House's interaction with the other characters kicked ass.

Buuuut I felt that the pacing was very off and the whole thing was kind of disorganized. The PotW was haphazardly done and unconvincing; the medical errors seemed even more glaring than usual. (Maybe it's just because I've been watching so much Scrubs, and while they're hardly pristine about the facts, they at least make an effort to have the atmosphere feel reasonably realistic--and the characters don't seem to be working in a vacuum. Would it kill this show to have a few recurring characters aside from House, the Ducklings, Cuddy, and Wilson to remind the audience that there's a hospital beyond them?)

That said, towards the end, when they made me very relieved by revealing that no, House didn't really have brain cancer after all and in fact here's a delightful, very IC little twist for you, I was strongly reminded of the reason I've been losing interest in this show, even though I'll still follow it for a long time.

House doesn't grow as a character. He just keeps getting worse and worse and more of an asshole. I love asshole characters, don't get me wrong. And I know that realistically, some people don't grow; they just get worse and worse. But realism does not always make for good fiction, and it's incredibly frustrating to follow a series where the main character is continually offered opportunities to grow as a character, and he persists in walking away from them.

It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't offered so many such opportunities. I can't recall the earlier ones, but the end of Season 2? Huge opportunity there. I didn't want him to lose the cane or anything, and I certainly wouldn't have liked to see him do a 180 and become all nice and cheery, but I expected to see some change in his outlook. Some growth. Instead, after a couple of episodes of weirdness, it's back to the status quo--either because they're too lazy to write character growth for House or because they know he nets them viewers as he is currently and so are afraid to risk those viewers by having him evolve as a character.

I'd even be cool with the "House gets worse and worse" if it seemed to be leading up to a breakthrough. But they did the same thing towards the end of Season 2, and it lead to a breakthrough, and then they promptly reverted to the status quo, like I said. So at this point dealing with House's character is starting to feel like hitting my head on a wall repeatedly. And I say this as someone who loves him as a character, or at least started out that way.

However, there is one bright spot, one aspect of House that has grown and changed. Without it, I'd probably be long since bored of the show. It's his relationships--particularly with the Ducklings, but to a lesser extent with Cuddy (and maybe Wilson a bit). And that's what salvaged this episode for me. The interaction was just so awesome. Foreman ambivalent but direct, as the one of them closest to being House's equal (which is why I laugh whenever people whine about House being racist); Cameron caring but manipulative; Chase all reluctantly embracing his abusive father figure. Also, the copping a feel on Cuddy was awesome.

I LOL at the wank over this episode. Because yes, it was all about whoring House out.

Once again, I failed to get anything much done today; this is becoming routine. However, I did get some work done on the apresmoi_rpg application. I was going to watch some Geass, but I kept getting distracted. I've mostly been watching Scrubs and reading Academ's Fury. These books pwn me. I haven't been so interested in epic fantasy in ages.

Tomorrow, in short: application, room cleanup, icons, Geass.

For now, before going off to read a bit more before bed, I leave you with a meme:

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