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holy otp, batman


I just went from "I guess they're kind of cute together, I dunno though" to "OMFG OTP OTP OTP" in the space of one page. Shortly thereafter, my head exploded with fanfiction ideas.

There's one post-series futurefic I really want to write, once I catch up and am able to make reasonable predictions, about the aftermath of Guts and Griffith dying and Caska struggling with the guilt (because naturally she was heavily involved in the final battle) and pushing Farnese away until finally Serpico convinces her to let them in and they have warmfuzzy slightly fucked up OT3ness. (Thank you, Serpico, for always adding that "slightly fucked up" part.)

Also I want to write Caska/Farnese sex.

Dammit, Caska, get healed soon so I can have a canon baseline from which to write all this stuff.

Oh, and since I know ew_younerd prefers meta to fanfiction, I can do a mini-essay about the parallels between Griffith/Guts/Caska and Caska/Farnese/Serpico, what they mean, and what all this says about the themes of Berserk.

Oh, and I really want a colored version of that panel on the middle left where Farnese is turning to look at Caska behind her. fjdlksfjdsklkj OTP.
Tags: berserk, fanfiction ideas, otp

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