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it is time for Shiny Things

As usual, not much accomplished today. This was partly due to my waking up at four in the afternoon. Sigh. At least I got out of the house, though.

On the plus side, I finally got around to reading Berserk volume 29 (oh, Farnese ♥ ♥ ♥) and watching Geass 21. Mmmm.

No icons today; I didn't feel like trying to boot up Photoshop. I'll wait until I've let the computer rest for a while before doing that.

The main point of tonight's post, however, is to share some shiny links I've been finding. Mostly Gundam SEED, a handful of others.

First of all, the bad before the good: augh oh god why Bleach anime why ;_; Why must you mutilate my OTP so? Soi Fong doesn't even look like Soi Fong. ;_;

But let us move on to things that don't suck: I found a gallery of Berserk trading card images! Gah, some of them are so pretty.

And now, some random fanart links:

I found this place because emlan linked to it for the cute Larsa goods on the FFXII side, but what really enthralled me was the awesome SEED art. Lots of sexy Fllay and cracky Yzak (although sadly not together). The highlight: Fllay/Meer *_*

Mostly it's random fairly clean art with several Athrun pairings (mostly Athrun/Kira, Athrun/Cagalli, and Athrun/Meyrin) and a bit of Kira/Lacus, but some of the OT4ness is just so cute. Highlights: Adorable Kira/Cagalli/Athrun image and hot Fllay image.

Mostly focuses on incredibly gay OT4ish and Athrun/Kira art, but some of it is just so pretty. Highlights: this very pretty Kira/Lacus image and this sexyfine Lacus/Cagalli image.

A bunch of adorable Final Fantasy (especially FFXII and FFVII) arts, including some really beautiful Ashe/Rasler, and some very pretty SEED arts. Highlights: best Larsa/Penelo evar (even if it is more gen than anything), hot Fllay, and a true Athrun/Cagalli pwning.

Do not be deceived by the so-so art. What you want here are the Geass pixel sprites, for they are made of win.

Other links:
Random Team 7 cuteness that is so adorable it almost makes up for the fail of the manga itself.
Pretty Fllay/Kira cosplay.
Eleven themes for Yzak/Fllay. I need to wrangle someone into translating these. D:
The site where I found that cute tiny Fllay/Yzak sprite; scroll down for pixel satisfaction.

And that's it for now. Woo, two pointless weeaboo posts in one night, go me!
Tags: berserk, fanarts, final fantasy xii, gundam seed, links

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