ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
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GW started~

Thoughts, episode 1:
--I had to check Wikipedia to get a decent grasp on the politics, but now I think I have it and I'm looking forward to seeing how that develops.
--Especially since Treize is one of the political people:
annwyd: why do I get pimp vibes off Treize?
askerian: ...
askerian: because he's a pimp.
askerian: trufax.
--Trying not to like Zechs solely on the basis of him having a ridiculous mask and being voiced by Koyasu Takehito. Failing.
--I'm sorry, does fandom think that Heero is a fantastic badass/emotionless robot/suave romancer? Does it? Because no. He is a huge dork. He makes the best expressions, too. "HOSHIT--*covers face with hand* YOU CAN'T SEEEEE ME"
--...okay, when Relena went on her little belated introduction spiel with Heero (after he hijacked an ambulance; best thing ever)? That was when I decided I really liked her. She's such an adorable little bratty drama queen. ♥
--Quatre is so creepily cute! I am never, ever reading a fanfic where he is the uke. At least unless I have been reassured that he tops thoroughly from the bottom.
--Okay, one episode in and I'm already shipping Heero/Relena. Dorks. Heero's trying so very hard to be badass and you can tell that Relena doesn't entirely buy it but she's weirdly captivated anyway, awwww.
--In short, I'm really intrigued by the character dynamics and curious about the politics. Will definitely continue watching.

Tomorrow (er...later today) I will watch more episodes. And make some simple icons. It's hard to find good screencaps in this old animation (except, oddly, of Treize, who looks good no matter what), but I'll take what I can get.
Tags: gundam wing

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