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Romeo x Juliet 1

Let's try this "anime thoughts" thing again, this time from the beginning--and not locked, because the Romeo x Juliet fandom is not a pit of wank. Yet.

* ...oh my god. The little fuckers took their cue from gg and set up the mkv so it wouldn't work in VLC. Rage. And I have to reboot my computer so that zplayer works. Oh yeah, it's soooo much better than VLC.
* ...I admit, the guy's face as he screams at the Montagues is pretty funny. But that's just the animation style. The quality is quite good!
* This architecture is so sexy. Mmmmm pseudo-medieval stuff.
* I have to say, the story of Romeo and Juliet is much hotter when it starts out with people getting stabbed.
* I hope Juliet and the girl protecting her aren't sisters. And that the other girl survives. Because I totally want to ship them once they grow up. I'm so easy to please when it comes to yuri.
* Sweet, pegasus.
* Okay, Juliet is so hot. And cute at the same time! Yes.
* Fourteen years later? Huh, they're actually upping the ages from the original. Man, when even the Japanese have to increase a girl's age so that their main pairing isn't pedo...
* OMG JULIET YOU ARE SO HOT. When you think about it, though, she's not being that heroic--the only reason this girl is in danger at all is because Juliet survived in the first place. So she's just atoning for her own survival. That just makes it hotter, though. Also, her flowery language? Best ever. Who needs Lelouch when you've got this Juliet? ♥
* And her flowery gestures! I THINK I AM IN LOVE.
* It's pretty funny that people apparently think the "Red Whirlwind" is a guy, though, since the voice sure sounds girly to me. I don't care, though. It's still awesome.
* know what? I think I like that everyone thinks she's a guy. You know why? Because it means that whenever she rescues some innocent girl, there is ~*~yuri subtext~*~.
* Goddammit. It just occurred to me that fandom is going to be bitching so hard about what a stupid Mary Sue Juliet is. I think that this time, though, I will do my damnedest to ignore them.
* Dammit. Everything happens so fast, and stupid zplayer is just slightly off, so I have to pause a frame before the image I want to cap. And I want to take many screencaps of Juliet. D:
* Having confirmed with rampant_geekery that this "Cordelia" is the servant girl from the early scenes: I am so shipping them. Heresy, I know, but aaaah so cute. "Hey! Why do I have to run too?"
* Awww, Romeo is a huge dork.
* Haha, too late, Romeo, Juliet already has a girlfriend! ...but she can share. Especially since you're such a cute dork.
* Oh jeez, Juliet, telling him to let go of you when he's the only thing keeping you from falling to certain death? ...Yeah. I'm shipping them. ♥
* ...I hope they don't go all Benvolio/Cordelia on us, though. That would be just too much. Well, unless it's really really cute and turns into an OT4. Then I can forgive them.
* Aww, Juliet is so adorably bratty and high-minded. Yes please keep giving her a pain-in-the-ass attitude like that.
* And she storms off in a huff! Heeee, yes. ♥
* ...they call her Odin? That is just about the most cracktastic thing ever. I love it.
* Aww, the way she sort of looks back as if she's just kind of thinking about that annoying dork who rescued cute.
* I have to say, I love Japan for making Juliet Capulet of all people tsundere. Because the world always needs more tsundere.
* Holy shit, Neo Verona is so pretty. I am such a sucker for fancy floating cities.
* Wait, what? There's a Shakespeare character? And he's a sulky fop? I absolutely cannot take the sheer cracktasticness of this show. It is too awesome.
* And he's gay?! This show is...seriously, where is it getting its crack from?
* What the hell, how did Juliet keep all her hair up like that? Did they make hairpins out of pure crack?
* Well, the fact that Juliet doesn't know who she is shoots my theory about her trying to atone for the people getting captured and killed in her name out of the water. Oh well--whatever happens when she does learn, it'll be lots of fun.
* Why does Mercutio look so evil? He should be awesome! He'd better be awesome.
* Wow, Romeo is so the Euphemia of this show. But because he's male, he's not going to get bashed or called cliched or anything for it. Oh, fandom.
* Aww, Hermione is cute. But she gets in the way of ~*~the OTP~*~ (please, as if anything's going to get in the way of Romeo/Juliet in a show called Romeo x Juliet), so she's going to get bashed to hell and back. Fandom is so predictable.
* Awwww, Romeo thinking of Juliet when Hermione takes his hand. It's so cute how confused he is. "Why does touching a girl's hand make me think of a guy?!"
* Hee hee, I love that the actress wants to make out with "Odin." Everyone is gay for Juliet!
* Oh god, Juliet sitting there in a sheep costume pondering the meaning of love. This show is made of crack.
* Oh yeah, Juliet, ask sulky gay Shakespeare what love is. That's a great idea!
* The parallel "what's love?" scenes are completely hamhanded and yet ridiculously adorable. I can't help it. They're so cute!
* "I have an important errand tonight; I'm going to find my soulmate." Okay, Emilia is freaking adorable.
* Okay, I admit, the recurring theme of masks? That's pretty hot. Masks make everything hotter. Except when it's Destiny, in which case la la la la la never happened.
* Hahahaha, even thinking that "Odin" is a boy, Emilia orders him to put on a dress. I like her. Also, shipping her with Juliet. In fact, I'm just going to ship Juliet with all the girls. Romeo counts.
* "You're handsome, so you'd look good in a dress!" LOVE.
* This is so ridiculous. And yet so awesome. The girls are even more hot for Juliet when she's in a dress...or at least Emilia is.
* Man, I am taking waaaay too many screencaps.
* Aww, Juliet is so cute when she's enjoying being a girl for once. Although the random scenes of her just dancing around seem...kind of gratuitous, I don't know. Nice for screencaps, though!
* Oh, smart move, Juliet, unmasking yourself in front of your family's killer. Oh well, can't expect her to be perfect.
* Aww, the single rose petal floating from Juliet to Romeo.
* Whoa, what the hell kind of ED is this? It's like the OP and the ED were switched! Yet more proof that this show is completely on crack.
* Well, that was more cracktastic than I expected! I mean, obviously I expected crack--it's Romeo and Juliet with pegasi on a floating city and Juliet being the Scarlet Pimpernel--but somehow there was so much more. I am really not sure how seriously I can ever take it. But all the same: I'm sure not about to stop watching. And oh, I must make icons. ♥
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