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Romeo x Juliet 2

* Okay, these two are actually kind of cute in a really dorky way. I like that the show is playing up that dorkiness.
* Hee, Juliet dashing out of there all *GLEE* over learning Romeo's name is also adorable. But then, anything Juliet does is adorable. Or hot. Either one.
* ...okay, I will grant you that Francisco is kind of cool. He has style.
* Hahahaha, "a daughter of the Farnese family"? I don't think that name ever showed up in Shakespeare! Although if it did that would be really really cool.
* Romeo, you are so the girl in this relationship. But that's okay, because it's pretty clear that Juliet is lesbian for you.
* Dammit, I keep taking screencaps of Juliet. This is unhealthy.
* It seems a little odd that Conrad is chastising Juliet so thoroughly for going to Neo Verona Keep, when he's never told her who she really is and why she should fear the Montagues. Not that he shouldn't be chastising her for dashing off on her own (even if it was an accident), but the emphasis on "what were you doing with the Montagues of all people!!" is a bit odd.
* I have to say, the show is actually making me excited for Juliet's sixteenth birthday, if only to see her sexy and/or adorable reaction to learning her secret past.
* You know, looking more closely at her boy-hair, it becomes more obvious that it's a wig holding in a lot of hair in the back. It would, of course, be more practical for her to just keep her hair short, but since when is this show practical?
* Yay, time for Juliet the Scarlet Pimpernel! I mean, uh, the Red Whirlwind. Yes.
* Augh, she's so adorably dramatic in this guise. ♥
* And acrobatic, too!
* ...wait, what? A dramatic dark-haired guy in a cloak? Who's missing an eye? When the hell did Guts get on this show?!
* Oh, never mind, it's some guy from back at Juliet's home. Could have fooled me for a moment, though.
* "If you get too carried away, they'll catch you"? Yes please. That could lead to some interesting plot development sometime. And no doubt more dorkiness with Romeo.
* Her desperation to know what the hell is up with her own past is really pretty cool. It is entirely believable that she'd be this frustrated by now.
* Hee, Juliet hanging her head and looking all whipped-puppy-like is adorable.
* Awww, giving Cordelia the hand lotion is really an adorable gesture. Not that I'm biased or anything because Juliet/Cordelia is so adorable.
* The speculation that the city itself is protecting Juliet...that's pretty awesome. Talk about the Eskas, and what the hell they are, has been tossed around--I hope Francisco is right, and they're the personification of the city itself. I love that sort of thing.
* "Willy" remains completely cracked out and hilarious. Very meta.
* Okay, I think that was just an excuse to use a Shakespeare quote, and not even one from Romeo and Juliet. Although it's interesting that he said that within the story, birth has nothing to do with love--maybe an indication that in reality, it's harder than that. Or maybe he's just being a big dramatic fop as usual.
* It seems like Hermione really does like Romeo, which is a little sad, because she's rather cute.
* More iris symbolism! I wonder if when Juliet dies, there will be a dramatic shot of an iris wilting.
* Eee, Juliet sticking her tongue out like that is so cute. I must icon it.
* Juliet is going pretty nuts over this iris thing. But it's okay with me, since it's cute that she does everything so passionately.
* Oh boy, I can see this next meeting coming from miles away!
* Okay, I will grant you: that is a damned neat setting, a field of flowers growing in ruins atop a floating city. Awesome.
* Hair porn!
* Aww, Romeo's abrupt little outburst of "I want to call you by your name" was really sweet.
* That image of Romeo holding up the flower is ridiculously adorable. These two are so...all the good things about teenage romance.
* Antonio spazzing out over OMG IT'S A GIRL is great.
* Oh, bringing Juliet to a graveyard for her birthday isn't creepy at all.
* Awww. She didn't want to have a dead family to avenge; she just wanted to dance around being a crossdressing hero.
* Her name is Juliet Giulietta? And then Arthur? Who does that to a child?
* That said, it is pretty cool how this scene is being portrayed as the sinister advance of politics that Juliet never wanted rather than as some sort of triumphant return to destiny.
* Oh, nice. The contrast between Juliet's returning retainers calling her by a fancy name she's never known, and Romeo simply saying, "Juliet"? That's neat.
* Oooh, next episode Romeo and Juliet clash swords! :D :D :D Want it now.
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