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I plan to get everybody riled up soon by making a post about sociopolitical stuff. Also, I have some RL angst to bitch about. Also, I am feeling kind of down because I can't seem to summon up the will to write more.

But until then...making a gratuitous Berserk post cheers me up. Because Berserk is seriously just that awesome. I think soon I'll finish reading it and then start rereading. Oh, and make a pimping post to spread the glory to everyone. Everyone who can stomach ridiculous violence, anyway.



So this is the opening FMV, apparently. OMG LOOK HOW AWESOME AND CUTE SCHIERKE IS. And there's an image of Farnese reaching for Casca's hand! And Slann molesting Guts! Even in those clunky graphics, somehow the Godhand are insanely hot. ALSO IT HAS A SCENE ON THE HILL OF SWORDS. aldjfds;klfdjslk.

A trailer for the game. Aaaugh why are those brief glimpses of Farnese holding Casca so short? OMG ONE OF THEM IS FARNESE AND CASCA HUGGING EACH OTHER WHILE SERPICO STANDS IN THE FOREGROUND.

Another trailer. This one has a scene of the old Hawks trying to fend off the Eclipse. JUDEEAAAAUUUU. ;_;

One more trailer. This one has another hill of swords scene and OMG SERPICO AND YOU GET TO HEAR HIS VOICE. And the clip of Farnese reaching for Casca's hand as she falls is slightly longer!

An actual scene from the game! It's the scene in the manga where Farnese and Serpico join the Scooby Gang and OMG IT IS SO GOOD. Isidro's voice is ridiculous, but Farnese and Serpico and Guts all have perfect voices. OMG FARNESE IS SO CUTE HERE.

This is the scene where Guts first goes crazy in the Black Armor while fighting the dragon apostle and Schierke dives into his head to save him. Schierke is so freaking cute here. Her voice is adorable. And this reminds me why Schierke and Guts's relationship is the best thing Guts has going for him right now. +_+

This is the aftermath of the previous one. It features Casca making a retard noise! And adorable Schierke going all ;_; at Flora's fiery ghost-thingy!

Oh my god, why is it that we will never get this game? I HATE YOU JAPAN. But I also love you. I'm your bitch. ;_;

To take away some of the pain of not being able to have that video game, I'm going to list the things I'm looking forward to in Berserk so much that just thinking about them gets my panties wet.

1) Casca getting healed
This is a great big YES. Depending on what she's like after the healing, she may even jump to my favorite character in the whole manga. And that will make Casca/Farnese even hotter.
2) Casca and Farnese interacting after Casca's healing
Yeeeessss. I am a whore for my OTPs. They'll have such fantastic dynamics and awkward angst and control issues and yet they'll love each other so much.
3) Casca fighting Serpico for the right to protect Farnese
OMG YES PLEASE. Especially since Casca has to win this fight, and seeing her kick ass would be so satisfying. Also, it would totally make me ship Casca/Serpico and thus the OT3 would be complete!
4) Farnese learning more magic, particularly how to control fire
This would be incredibly hot. Also, it would be symbolically gorgeous--the thing that terrified and warped Farnese in her childhood is now under her control.
5) Learning more about elves
A while back I was discussing with ew_younerd what I thought the elves represented, and I suggested that they were the Idea of Good the way God was the Idea of Evil in the Berserkverse. Apparently, Miura has let slip in an interview that I was right about that. So I can't wait to see what Elfheim or whatever it's called is like.
6) Slann's backstory
It's possible that we'll never get to see this. But with the manga only halfway finished (!!), I think there's a high chance her backstory has yet to come. And I so look forward to it. I hope Miura breaks my heart with it.
7) Sonia joining Guts's band
She would add such a hot perspective on Griffith. Because I think alone of all the new Hawks, Sonia knows that there's something very dark lurking under his exterior, and she doesn't care, because he lifted her up to fly. But eventually, her jealousy is going to get the better of her and drive her away, and she did tell Schierke that they'd meet again...
8) Griffith meeting up with Guts and Casca again after Casca's been healed
There needs to be a scene like this to parallel to the scene on the hill of swords. And I can't wait.
9) OT3 interaction
This one is pretty simple. I want to see Serpico, Casca, and Farnese all interact.
10) Guts and Griffith dying together
This one won't happen for another twenty years, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. It will be the hottest lovers' reunion ever.

Okay, I think I'm done here for now. I'm going to go read and eat my sushi dinner. Then I'll come back, watch Romeo x Juliet 3, and make icons. Not very productive, I know. I'm lame that way.
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