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Romeo x Juliet 3

* "Those who survived swore to protect the Lady Juliet..." Too bad you didn't tell her anything about that until all dumping it on her on her sixteenth birthday! IN A GRAVEYARD.
* I love how they planned all this stuff around her without ever considering how well she'd take to suddenly being the spearhead of a great plan of vengeance, and she's just standing there going "... D:"
* That sword is pretty damned hot, though.
* The way Juliet is lured into this plot that doesn't really have anything to do with her and her teenage wants and needs is kind of fascinating. "Otou...sama... *reach for sword*"
* And her memory is back! Now it is personal. Hot.
* Anyone want to be that that shot of her lying there next to the sword in a faint as if dead will be echoed when she does die?
* Oh, apparently they got her various names wrong in the last episode. I think "Juliet Fiammatta" is a hell of a lot better than "Juliet Giulietta."
* Cordelia coming in while Juliet is naked in the bath? Excellent!
* I like how Juliet is taking some time to process all this instead of leaping right into battle.
* Whoa, that is one scary old lady.
* Hee, Willy snoring. He's growing on me.
* I will never get over the fact that William and his mother are from the Farnese house. Hee hee hee.
* Conrad is pretty cool in his angry old man way. Also, I think William's mother has the hots for him. 8D
* Yeeesss Cordelia/Juliet faceholding!
* Awww. Juliet is getting to the "wherefore art thou Romeo" stage of her feelings because of her recent revelations.
* Romeo sitting there all alone in the iris field! D: D: D:
* Yaaay! Mercutio! ♥ And his father is that total dork nobleman? Heeeee.
* Mean old Montague does not appreciate having a sighing pansy as a son, it would seem.
* Oooh, Mercutio is kind of evil in that he seems quite happy with Montague as leader. I hope he is at least clever and interesting about it.
* ...what. A mother tree? WHAT? Man, talk about a sudden turn for the cracktastic. And this series was already totally on crack. But this is just like...there are no words. MOTHER TREE.
* I suppose it does tie in with the theme of using growing things as symbols, though.
* Awww, Romeo is still looking for Juliet on the field of irises.
* Hee, Romeo is a mama's boy. It makes sense.
* Oh yeah, I knew that man's wife mentioning he treated the Red Whirlwind could go nowhere good.
* It seems like Cordelia is the only one there who's actually concerned for Juliet herself and not the ideals she represents.
* Oh, Juliet, you are so hot as the Red Whirlwind. *_*
* How does she have time to help the guy up before all the guards are upon her? Seriously.
* What does she plan to do with this guy once she's rescued him, anyway? It's not like she can send him home to his family.
* Yup, Juliet doesn't want to be the "hope of the city." She just wants to help people as herself. But in doing so, she's already become the "hope of the city" as the Red Whirlwind even without being Juliet Fiammatta Asto Capulet.
* You know, I think the animation is a little sloppier in this episode than in the previous ones. But only a little. Hopefully it's not the start of a trend.
* Aw, even in her Red Whirlwind guise, Juliet still gets all awkward about Romeo. It occurs to me: I'd been assuming she knew that he was Romeo Montague, but I don't think she does after all.
* After that "scent of irises" comment, I wonder if Romeo suspects that this is Juliet.
* Oh, Romeo is actually pretty clever in his goofy, crazy way. And courageous, if he's willing to jump off a building just to save Juliet (assuming he thinks it's her) and some guy she's trying to rescue. He's kind of badass beneath the dorky exterior. ♥
* Hee. "This is the first time I've done something so rash. I'm glad it went smoothly." As if he'd just made a daring move on a boardgame or something.
* Ahhh, Juliet didn't know he was Romeo Montague. Now she's going to go into "Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo" mode.
* Awww. She's so adorably D: in this mode, too.
* Seeing Juliet collapse in tears even in her tough-guy hero guise is really touching.
* I wish the ED would stop freezing up on VLC or indeed on anything I watch it on. D:
* Awww, they look so cute in the next episode! *flail* I NEED IT NOW.
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