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Romeo x Juliet 4

* Bah, now the OP is glitching weirdly in VLC too. Umai needs to fix their encoding there and on the ED.
* So...after all that...they found the doctor again, tried him, and then released him? Well, I suppose they wouldn't be so quick to lock him up again, knowing that the Red Whirlwind would just come for him again and again. Still, knowing that, they could have used him to set a, they're obviously not very competent.
* Ooh, ominous people plotting against the Red Whirlwind! I am still rooting for a scenario where she gets captured as the Red Whirlwind. That would be pretty cool.
* The priest doesn't seem too enthusiastic about helping them, though. But it's hard to tell.
* Aw, is Juliet going to go all "what's in a name" on us?
* Heh. Juliet isn't protesting killing all the Montagues for political reasons, of course. She still doesn't give a crap about the politics. She just wants her Romeo.
* More dramatic flower symbolism!
* I'm really starting to think that Romeo suspects the Red Whirlwind of being Juliet. But if, several episodes in, it's revealed that he knew who the mysterious masked guy was all along, I...I won't be able to bear how Euphemia-like he is. D:
* Of course, it's just as likely that Romeo simply sympathizes with the Red Whirlwind. The creators probably want to have a big dramatic scene where Juliet reveals that she's the Red Whirlwind to Romeo, after all.
* Heh, Romeo really does not do a good job of covering up what he did with Benvolio. Hopefully he'll be more discreet around his father.
* Benvolio begging Romeo not to be so reckless in the future...guh. All the parallels between the way Juliet acts/the way people around her react with the way Romeo acts/the way people around him react...I'm really digging them. ♥ They are sort of kindred souls. But mostly they are teenage dorks.
* Aw, Juliet is having herself a sulk.
* Now not only are random girls being arrested in order to root out Juliet Capulet, but random men are being arrested to root out the Red Whirlwind. I wonder if Juliet will start feeling guilty about both?
* Hee, this show doesn't have Engrish, it has Itarian.
* Willy gossiping with Juliet about her love troubles = adorable.
* Heh at Umai specifically translating Willy's assent to Juliet's request as "As you like it."
* A romantic tryst in a graveyard? Well, I suppose they don't have much choice of location.
* Oh, I see, the iris represents wuv, twoo wuv.
* Obligatory Shakespeare quotation! Only referring to an iris instead of a rose. Nice twist.
* As much as it totally throws off the story of Romeo and Juliet to have the Capulets all be is rather touching seeing Juliet apologize to her parents' graves for falling in love with Romeo.
* Haha, Cielo ships Romeo/Juliet. He'll take Romeo wherever Juliet is!
* Man, if Romeo can't recognize Juliet in this disguise, there's no way he knows who the Red Whirlwind is.
* Aww, Juliet asking Romeo's name again in the hopes of hearing something, anything different.
* Oh, come on, Juliet--you and Romeo holed up somewhere waiting for the rain to stop, nobody else there but Cielo, who totally wants you two to get it on...are you really going to be able to resist revealing yourself?
* Hahaha oh god, Juliet's panicked expression at knowing that Romeo is nearby and shirtless. It's glorious.
* Oh, I see where this is going. Hee hee.
* There we go, definitive proof that the magical hair is a wig.
* Juliet's expression on Romeo walking in on her is adorable.
* Aaaand they wind up on top of each other, half-naked. Hmmm!
* Oh, another shot of Juliet looking like she could be dead (although we know she's not), this time with Romeo sprawled on top of her. I wonder if this is going to be a running theme?
* Oh man, that's a hell of a place to cut off. Gah. I want 5 noowwwww.
* And it looks like next episode has some awesome Red Whirlwind stuff! Agh.
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