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Romeo x Juliet 5

* ...:D I'd almost forgotten how freaking cute blushy!Juliet is.
* Oh, of course Romeo has to run away now. He is totally the girl.
* Ugh, the font on the subs is really ugly this episode. I wonder if it's something wrong with my copy of VLC?
* Awww. Juliet wishes she could tell Romeo everything, but she doesn't want him to know about all the ZOMG SWORN ENEMIES thing.
* I like that dark little emphasis Conrad puts on Juliet being precious to them as the mistress of their House. They're so caught up in seeing Juliet as a political centerpiece that they don't bother to think of her as a person.
* The animation on this episode is kind of weird, especially on the faces. Or maybe it's just that it's been a while since I watched?
* Wow, the Montague government sure does deal with things heavy-handedly. Can't find one guy who's pissing them off? Martial law! Everyone gets starved!
* You know, if the entire city is in a rage trying to find the Red Whirlwind, I expect there's only so long it can be hidden from Juliet.
* Oh man, Willy is so freaking awesome when he's teasing Juliet about her love life.
* Cordelia/Juliet, theirloveissoexpressedthroughhairbrushing.
* ...Juliet wants to replace Romeo's shirt. That is so freaking cute.
* Aw. It's cute how Cordelia is just like "*sigh* No talking her out of this, is there!" now.
* "You could embroider his initials onto it." And of course the last thing Juliet wants to think about is Romeo's name.
* Oh hello, Romeo finally realizing who the Red Whirlwind is? Although judging from the fact that he already associated the Red Whirlwind with irises, he must have had some inkling of it on a subconscious level.
* ...spfft. And he denies it because obviously Juliet is too cute and innocent to be the Red Whirlwind. Oh, Romeo, you idiot.
* Man, Curio will never stop reminding me of a shoujo version of Guts.
* Juliet's face as she sews? Best thing ever.
* What the hell, is that the priest from before? I was under the impression that he wasn't happy to be collaborating with the Montagues. But maybe it's a different guy? I can't tell, it's been a while.
* Oh yeah, it definitely it is the same guy.
* It is kind of a nice little dark touch that Juliet is too busy being all ♥ ♥ ♥ over her sewing to go out and save people as the Red Whirlwind.
* Huh, so the doctor does know not only that Odin = the Red Whirlwind, but also that the Red Whirlwind = Juliet. Or at least, that certainly seems to be the implication of referring to her as "the iris."
* Is the doctor planning something? Or is he just glad to know that Juliet is still alive? Very sinister.
* Juliet being all :D :D :D over finishing the handkerchief against the backdrop of her potentially about to be betrayed and, even if that isn't the case, the backdrop of people about to be killed in her name = ouch.
* Haha, don't tell Juliet that something is nothing she needs to be concerned about.
* Oh no, Juliet's face on finding out about all the people accused of being the Red Whirlwind. D:
* Man, Curio's speech is hardcore. Sure, it's harsh, but it's true that a) Juliet let herself get carried away in her sparkly happy Romeo-love and b) she doesn't fully comprehend just how important she is to the city. To her, it's all a cute game where she gets to be a hero.
* Okay, Francisco and Curio are totally playing good cop/bad cop in how they get reality into Juliet's head.
* Damn, this is breaking Juliet.
* Oh, so the doctor isn't going to betray her; instead he's going to sacrifice himself or something.
* people really not notice that the doctor doesn't look or sound like the Red Whirlwind? I guess they were too busy seeing the Whirlwind as a symbol rather than a man (or woman, as the case might be).
* Meh, the encoding on the ED is still crap.
* Oh, it looks like Curio and Francisco get to be badass next episode. I approve. Will have to watch that soon.

While I had my headphones on as the episode finished up, someone tried to call me from Texas. I didn't pick up the phone until too late, and then when I tried to call back, I was told the number had been disconnected. What the hell?
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