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Romeo x Juliet 6

* The way all the oppressed townsfolk rely so heavily on the Red Whirlwind is rather pathetically touching. I think it may be getting through to Juliet, too.
* Man, I love the fancy theatric Italian episode names.
* Don't people notice that the Red Whirlwind doesn't sound remotely the same, not to mention is taller? Well...normally I'd attribute that to sloppy writing, but I think in this case they may be trying to make a point: everyone sees the Red Whirlwind as more of a symbol than a person.
* It's really rather heartbreaking how Juliet still wants to save the doctor. Up to this point, it's all been a game to her, and now that she's actually forced to realize that people are dying over this, she turns into a total wreck.
* I wonder if this weird freezeframe-on-a-more-still-style thing is going to become a habit. It gives me nice icon material, at least.
* Juliet with guilt = omg yes ♥
* Hmmm. Maybe part of Romeo's horrified reaction at learning that "the Red Whirlwind is dead" is because he still suspects Juliet, even though he dismissed the idea in the previous episode?
* Oh, it is. Oh boy, this is going to be one angsty reunion with Juliet in her current state.
* There's something so brokenly touching about the dorky teenageness of "I can't see you anymore!" combined with the big dramatic reveal here.
* More hair porn!
* Titus? That's the drunk guy's name? This show is one big ball of...of Shakespearecest.
* ...the formation of a vigilante group reporting directly to the Carabinieri? But...if it's authorized by the government, it's not vigilante! My brain hurts.
* I hope Lord Montague actually believes all this tough love stuff he's spouting. That would actually start to make him an interesting villain.
* Well, this isn't much of a council.
* Okay, all that clapping? Creepy.
* Hahahaha Francisco has fangirls? That is adorable.
* Awww, Curio is totally jealous and in denial about it.
* Oh, the mayor is Benvolio's father? Well, that makes things interesting. Maybe Benvolio will start to do more than just be Romeo's sidekick!
* The animation quality in this episode makes me sad. Hopefully it will improve later.
* It seems like Juliet is starting to be able to cope with the fact that people rely on the symbol of her for hope. It should be interesting to see what she does with that.
* Awww. She may be starting to cope with it, but she still doesn't understand it.
* The doctor's name was Lancelot? What the hell? Ow, my brain!
* Ahhhh Juliet's determination that this time she'll save them is so cute. Plus, it shows she's starting to take damage from all this! Win.
* Oh my god, Tybalt is such a drama queen. Yes.
* Aaand the encoding on the ED sucks as usual.
* Romeo and Juliet look like such huge dorks in the next episode.
* Okay, need to download 7 and 8 now so I can finish catching up later tonight.
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