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gosh you must be tired of hearing this stuff by now

I. The cat was vettified the other day. He got his shot, but it turns out that he's lost two pounds since January. He's down to 6.8 lbs, and it makes me fret quite a lot.

There was also an Incident in the cardboard carrier on the way home from the vet, leading to me needing to throw said carrier out and Christopher...

...well. I hauled him upstairs, threw him in my parents' shower (which is a stall with a door), got some rags for scrubbing, stripped, climbed in there with him, and turned on the water.

Never have I heard a cat yell like that. I was amazed that I made it out without blood loss; I think he was just too shocked and dismayed to remember that he had claws and teeth that could be used to attack me.

I did not get pictures of damp Christopher, but I have some newly downloaded pictures of him lolling in my window that I will upload and flash around soon, I believe.

II. I have gotten rampant_geekery hooked on the Wire. Hahaha yes.

As I was rewatching along with her to keep up with where she is in each episode, I discovered that the first season, which is in MKV format, has the option of letting you turn on the director's commentary. So I turned on the commentary for 01x12 and listened to the creator, David Simon, talk with the screenwriter, George Pelecanos.

They touched on something I'd strongly suspected from the third season: namely, that while the institutions of society break people down and grind them up, other people can sometimes put them back together. When good things happen in the Wire, says Simon, it's because of interpersonal relationships, not the system.

So, encouraged by some of the things I'd heard there, I went to see what other episodes had commentary tracks. Lo and behold, 02x06, "All Prologue," aka Holy Shit Omar Is Yet More Awesome Oh Hey What's This About D'Angelo OH MY GOD, had a commentary track! I loaded up the DVD expecting to hear some more of David Simon going on about the Deep Meaning Of The Show Oh And Here We Threw In Some Stuff About The Cuisine In Baltimore LOL, turns out, the commentary track on "All Prologue"? Is done by Dominic West and Michael K. Williams.

Well. I turned it on anyway and went to watch the episode.

...I think my brain is broken. Dear God, those two are such huge dorks. They spent one scene discussing how great boobs are. Now, I totally agree with the sentiment here, don't get me wrong. But I'm not sure my mind can cope with Omar's voice cheerfully declaring, "Breasts are great! *dorky laugh*"

Okay, I admit it: it's the laugh that did me in. MKW has one of those embarrassing gigglegigglesnortsnort laughs that--I just cannot imagine ever coming out of Omar. Except that because I'm a sadist, someday on nexuscity something is going to amuse him way too much, he's going to crack up, and it will wind up sounding like that.

Also, as nice as Dominic West's British accent is, I'm not sure I needed to hear him doing a Scooby Doo impression. No, that's a lie, I totally did need to hear that. Somehow, making fun of McNulty is automatically awesome. Bonus hilarity: Dominic West explaining that McNulty is always on the bottom during sex scenes because he doesn't want the viewers to see his "little white ass sticking out there."

But there were also some interesting serious bits dropped there--like apparently David Simon has said, "There's no room for hope in my show." Asshole. D: Except he's totally wrong--there's hope in season 3, mostly in the form of Cutty, and I hear that season 4 has more hope yet, even if it is also completely heartbreaking. Unless, of course, he's planning to crush all that in the last season. Aaaugh.

The bit that amused me most? Omar was apparently patterned after old Western motifs, right down to the damned shotgun. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but I am not remotely surprised. He has that whole sense of lawlessness combined with unexpected integrity that was held as the holy grail of personal morality in that genre.

DW: You do look like a gunslinger.
MKW: Well, I am!

Mostly, though, MKW just radiated pure adorkable throughout the commentary. He even somehow managed to make it cute when he admitted that he was totally hung over in his big courtroom scenes. And then he was going on about how much he loved working with Dominic West and how Wendell Pierce was like his adopted big brother and...yeah. I mean, I'd read that he was actually a sweetheart, and I could believe it, but it was not quite the same as actually hearing that voice (minus the Baltimore accent) with its constant casual sense of "I could mess you up but good" replaced with "*dorkdork* I love you man :D".

My brain, so broken.

(What's really funny to me, in a twisted way, is that thanks to the scar, he will probably never get cast as anything but a badass despite being such a sweet dork. It's a good thing he does it so well. ♥)

III. I was going to make icons tonight, but I got distracted by watching those commentaries. Whoops. I have, however, pinned down some more Wire screencaps to icon when I do pop open Photoshop. Plus, the first DVD cover for Romeo x Juliet demands iconing. I should also see if I can find more official art to icon so that I can get cracking on my Juliet claim.

Meanwhile, I'd like to get some more work done on my mostly-finished Cagalli claim. It's at 71%; I'd like to get it up to 80% soon. Which means I should actually get back to entering icontests. For that matter, I really should start up rxj_icontest--assuming someone hasn't already gotten fed up with how long I'm taking to set it up and created one under a different name.

IV. So, as usual, here's a list of things to do tomorrow:
--Bug my brother about passport stuff.
--Print out the GED transcript request form, fill it out.
--Watch at least RxJ 7, preferably more.
--Resist urge to watch the commentary on 03x11. Probably fail.
--Resist urge to watch season four, no, seriously. Succeed at this one.
--Work on fic for yuri_challenge.
--Make icons!

I will also, inevitably, probably get some RP in for nexuscity to sate my constant and terrible urge for moar Omar. Sigh.

V. Sleep now! Whee.
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