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Romeo x Juliet 7

* LOL TYBALT. You're even a drama queen just like your cross-canon twin!
* And he dual-wields! Can he get any cooler? I think not. (Please let him also be a dork.)
* WTF, is Tybalt hitting on her? "You've grown up 8)"
* And he whisks off into the night. ULTIMATE DRAMA QUEEN.
* Awww, cheer up, emo Romeo.
* I keep getting the impression that Romeo's horse is smarter than he is.
* Oooh, The Capulet tomb having been defaced to erase them from existence is a nice touch.
* Even after all this...Benvolio's father's character design still looks ridiculous to me.
* Ahh, classic crossdressing. All she has to do is take off the wig, and poof, girl!
* Oh god, the Flower Fair as Romeo's mother is describing it sounds like it's practically shoujo incarnate.
* Oh no, Romeo has Figured It Out. His reaction is so heartbreaking, too. D:
* It's really rather touching that Romeo is thinking of this in terms of wanting to be there for Juliet, not wanting her to suffer alone. Because he is that much of a sweetheart.
* The way they cut these two scenes together--Romeo confirming his worst fears with his mother, Francisco explaining the situation to Benvolio's family--is rather nice.
* Hee, and Curio and Francisco keep flirting. Even though Curio totally doesn't know that's what he's doing. And I've got to say, Francisco being a charming, pleasant schemer totally hits my character-kinks. ♥
* If they have to stay completely in hiding, how are Benvolio's parents going to get by at all? Hey, I have an idea! His dad can get a less ridiculous haircut--no one will be able to recognize him!
* Hee. "Benvolio's old enough to take care of himself!" Cut to Benvolio looking totally baffled by a broom.
* Okay, I was sort of afraid from the start that they'd do Benvolio/Cordelia and tie everything up way too neatly...but it's actually kind of cute. I'm still hoping for an OT4, though.
* Heh, Juliet hasn't had enough of nobles, whatever Cordelia may say.
* Emilia! ♥ I was hoping to see more of her.
* And she continues to be unsuspectingly gay for Juliet. Yay!
* Willy with a basket on his head = automatic win.
* Awww, why does Hermione have to be so cute?
* For some reason, the animation in this episode strikes me as being particularly sloppy around Romeo's face. I don't know why.
* "Lord Romeo, you do prefer roses, do you not?" Poor Hermione. She really has no clue about him, and it's not her fault.
* Hee, Juliet's "oh shi--" face is so adorable.
* Aaand that's 100 screencaps of Juliet, just from the first seven episodes alone. I really need to get back to actually using them for my iconfiend100 claim.
* Gah, some of the more...physical aspects of the art in this show are just so pretty and clever. Juliet dropping the iris, which lands on Romeo? That's weirdly perfect--surprisingly pretty, yet it also foreshadows their inevitable fall.
* And she's looking down at him as if from a balcony, which echoes the famous scene in the actual play. Nice.
* Aww, he almost managed wrist-grabbing, but someone tripped him up at the last moment. :(
* Huh, these are the original lyrics, or at least close to them, aren't they?
* Juliet falling to her knees because she didn't really want to run from Romeo is actually really sad.
* As much as I don't normally like romance where the girl is struggling to get away...this scene is awesome. afds;jfldks. I know it's cheesy and overwrought but shut up it's so sweet.
* Poor Hermione. :(
* And then he her the flower. He is such an adorable dork. ♥
* For the record, I totally did not tear up during that last scene. At all. I just...blinked a little. That's it. Yes.
* Ooh, it looks like Juliet is sexy and badass in the next episode.
* Okay, I will totally try to watch 8 tonight, after I've gotten my sushi and finished catching up on the Riches with parents.
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