ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Wishlist for things I will barely use

In order to put off actually doing things tonight, I instead spent my time making a wishlist of BPAL scents that I want. Hurray!

Neil Gaiman/Carousel: Mad Sweeney, Mr. Ibis
Stardust: Yvaine
Good Omens: Aziraphale, Crowley
Mad Tea Party: The King of Hearts, The Mock Turtle's Lessons, The Red Queen, White Rabbit
Illyria: Caliban, Iago, Othello, Robin Goodfellow
Ars Draconis: Dragon's Tears, Tanin'iver
A Picnic in Arkham: Al Azif, Azathoth, Cthulhu, The High Priest Not to Be Described, Miskatonic University, Nyarlathotep, R'lyeh
Excolo: Eris, Grandmother of Ghosts, Kali, Lilith, Loviatar, Peitho, Pele, Clio, Zorya
Wanderlust: 51, Hollywood Babylon, London, Madrid, Morocco, Niflheim, Tintagel, The Isles of Demons, Kumari Kandam
Ars Moriendi: Haunted, Zombi
Sin & Salvation: Greed, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, Cathedral, Dorian, Fallen, Oblivion
Dark Elements: Hurricane, Inferno
Diabolus: Djinn, Fenris Wolf, Hellcat, Szepasszony
Rappaccini's Garden: Black Rose, Yew-Trees
Love Potions: Bien Loin d'Ici, Kabuki, The Lady of Shalott, Snake Oil, Spellbound, Wanda, Whip
Bewitching Brews: The Black Tower, Bon Vivant, Calico Jack, Dee, The Jersey Devil, Jolly Roger, Lampades, Morgause, Poisoned Apple, Tempest
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